Report: Chicago Bulls likely to keep Jim Boylen as head coach

You’re not going to like this, Chicago Bulls fans.

After the franchise revamped the offseason by bringing in Arturas Karnisovas as President of Basketball Operations and Marc Eversley as general manager. With those moves, many thought the duo would get their choice of head coach as it appeared like time has run out for Jim Boylen.

But as the days have gone on over the Summer and the Bulls not in the NBA’s bubble, things have changed.

There has been a growing thought that the Bulls would keep Boylen as the head coach and on Thursday, a new report once again suggests that.

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times wrote a report on how Karnisovas might be handcuffed by management if he wanted to bring in a first-year head coach. And the reasoning? Well…. financial concerns.

But as the Sun-Times learned this week, even if Karnisovas didn’t like what he would have seen from Boylen he would likely be handcuffed from making a change.

According to several sources, there is strong growing momentum that financial concerns the Reinsdorfs have about the 2020-21 NBA season will keep Boylen in his current seat, as well as most of the coaching staff.


Financial reasons for this franchise? That sounds like a poor excuse. The cost of getting out of Boylen’s deal would be about $2 million, which doesn’t seem much for a franchise valued at over $3 Billion. But then you look at the ownership and the word “cheap” that keeps getting thrown around and it makes sense.

In addition to Cowley reporting this, Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson has suggested that a change isn’t likely all offseason and again went to that point on Thursday:

Don’t get your hopes up for a new coach, Bulls fans…

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