Why is Michael Jordan the Greatest Chicago Sportsman Ever?

Chicago has always had a thriving sports scene from football to basketball. Chicago Bulls is probably one of the greatest sports exports from the city to the world. So does that mean Michael Jordan is the greatest Chicago sportsman of all time?

We bet that if you ask any basketball fan and they’d probably tell you that their all-time favourite player is Michael Jordan. It’s like a risk free bet like this points bet website here. In fact, Michael Jordan was solely responsible for the resurgence in the popularity of basketball back in the 1980s and 1990s. His remarkable style of playing earned him some really unique titles like Air Jordan and His Airness. It was MJ that changed the fortunes fo Chicago Bulls making it a hugely popular NBA team not just across America but across the world. It’s no wonder that you can even catch kids in India wearing Chicago Bulls t-shirts. There are many other reasons why he simply is the greatest and we have listed them out here. 

MJ can even act

This article may be about MJ’s sportsmanship but it’s pertinent to know that his success as a sportsman was so big that he even landed a Hollywood role which made him even more successful. His first movie was called Space Jam and he starred opposite the most unlike of all Hollywood stars – Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. The Looney Tunes cartoon characters were his co-stars and together they rescued the world from evil aliens who came to steal talent from NBA players as well as enslave some of these cartoon characters. 

If we ever got the flu, we would probably be in bed sipping on soup and trying to sleep it off. But Michael Jordan is a different kind. During a crucial match between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan had the flu and yet continued to play the game. The game ended with a nail biting 90-88 finish as Michael Jordan led the Bulls to victory and then collapsed in a heap in front of his coach. 

The Final Shot

Michael Jordan’s final match before retirement was in 1998 with the Chicago Bulls playing against Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan dribbled the ball in his classic style through Byron Russel and found a sneaky opportunity to win the final point which also won the Bulls the title. It was a match that became so legendary that even the shoes he wore at that time recently sold at an auction for a crazy amount of $560,000.

These are just some of the points that are enough to convince anyone that Michael Jordan was indeed the greatest sportsman from Chicago. In fact he was so crazy about the game that even after his retirement, he decided to come back for a game against New Jersey Nets at the age of 40 and still managed to score over 43 points. 


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