Patrick Mahomes’ Historic Deal Could Make the Highest-Paid Player in the American Sports History

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has made an outstanding career and done things that no one has ever seen before in the National Football League (NFL) field. Now, this legend is making history off this field too.

Recently, the reigning Super Bowl MVP successfully secured a $450m deal and signed an extension contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes, according to experts and the NFL community, has smashed records not just in the National Football League, but in all sports.

It’s a historical deal

The one-decade contract, which officially starts in 2020, makes it clear that Patrick Mahomes will be earning an average of $45 million annually, and up to $503 million in total if he gets all the incentives. Some of these incentives are for being named NFL MVP and making the necessary Super Bowl appearances. This contract is historical in terms of both the length of the contract and the terms of salary.

The previous record for NFL’s most significant deal was Matt Ryan’s 2018 contract extension with the legendary Atlanta Falcons. This was a five-year contract worth a measly $150. Russell Wilson, a Seattle Seahawks quarterback, also signed a 4-year contract extension worth $140 in 2019. This deal represented the largest average annual salary in the league’s history.

Ryan’s 2018 contract and Wilson’s 2019 deal were the top records in NFL. However, they are now dwarfed by Mahomes’ new shiny deal. He is the favorite in the NFL betting and will be named the league’s MVP in the upcoming NFL season.

Mahomes’ contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs is the second NFL’s 10-year deal ever, after Michel Vick’s one-decade deal ($130 million) signed in 2005 with the Atlanta Falcons. Besides, Mahomes’ deal is the third contract in NFL history to last for six or more years.

Out-earning, most players

Patrick Mahomes is comfortably out-earning NFL players and other sports as well. Baseball has seen numerous huge deals handed out in the past few years. The biggest MLB (Major League Baseball) deal was signed by Mike Trout in 2019 – with the Los Angeles Angels. The deal is worth $427 million spread over a period of 12 years. That means Mike is now earning $35.5 million per season.

Compared to the NFL historical deal, it is fair to conclude that Mahomes has earned a good payday.

Wonders in the field

Mahomes is just 24 years and has been incredible in two full seasons in the National Football League. After starting a single game during his 2017 rookie campaign, Mahomes was named the NFL MVP in 2018 and ended up leading the league with outstanding 50 passing touchdowns. His playoffs last season offered a considerable return on the $16.4 million deal he signed in 2017.

The list of Patrick Mahomes wins doesn’t end here. He topped Spotrac’s value rankings, which considered his performance and salary during his MVP 2018 campaign. Besides, Mahomes ranked fifth in value among all quarterbacks in the last season despite missing an important of the regular season due to an injury.

His earnings continue to grow

So far, Mahomes has earned $13.72 million at an average of $181,000 per touch down, $443,000 per game, and $4.6 million per season. To put these numbers into context, Mitchel (drafted eight spots ahead of Patrick in the 2017 NFL draft) gets paid $8.2 million per season and $513,000 per touchdown by the Chicago Bears. It appears that Mahomes isn’t ranking as the top-paid player currently. However, he is on track to become the highest-paid player in American sports history.

As mentioned earlier, there are other players who signed good deals in the past. Compared to his peers, however, Patrick Mahomes has made history. He has made an outstanding sports career within a short time.

One thing is for sure, as long as Patrick Mahomes stay healthy, he is on track to becoming a very well compensated player. He is the reigning Super Bowl MVP, and his most recent contract will see him surpass legends like LeBron James. Mahomes is going to be the highest-paid player not just in the NFL but in the history of American sports.

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