Should the Chicago Bulls pursue Ben Simmons?

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 NBA season, the Chicago Bulls were theĀ second-youngest team in the league. With the Philadelphia 76ers having been eliminated from the playoffs, speculation has heated up whether the Bulls should go after Ben Simmons.

If the Bulls were to land the 76ers 6-foot-10 point guard, it would likely come as a trade on draft night, which is slightly more than a month away. The day after Philadelphia was eliminated, the team fired coach Brett Brown and he could be in the running for the vacant head coaching position in Chicago. Check out BetQL for their NBA consensus picks and you can find out which side the public is betting for every game and every bet type

The most important question to consider is who would Philadelphia ask for if they were to trade Simmons? If these rumors heated up even more to the point of a realistic trade, the 76ers would likely ask for one of the Bulls core players such as Wendell Carter Jr.

The Bulls have the 4th pick of the draft up from the 7th and the team has some solid talent even without a blockbuster trade. The issue hasn’t been talent much less the coaching issue, the Bulls have made good draft picks since the MJ era but have failed to properly develop a roster for winning.

Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report proposed a trade involving Simmons but sending Lauri Markkanen and Zach Lavine the other way. He admits the 76ers will not entertain any trade offers but adds, “making a big offer for All-Star Ben Simmons would certainly send the message that this team is ready to make a serious playoff run.”

If the 76ers were to take any trade offers, chances are the Bulls would have to be ready to send a couple 2021 or 2022 draft picks to acquire Simmons. Winning isn’t defined by quantity of draft picks but quality and the Bulls need to start this new era by building on what they have and the price could be very steep.

Thus, chances of serious trade talks involving a top 1o point guard are not going to gain much traction. Simmons suffered a nerve impingement in his lower back and would he be completely healthy when the new season starts even with a later than usual start?


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