Report: Tom Brady almost joined Chicago Bears in offseason

The Chicago Bears have made their decision at quarterback, selecting Mitch Trubisky as the starter over Nick Foles who they acquired via trade in the offseason.

But what if I told you the Bears almost had one of the greatest to ever play the game as their starting quarterback this year? Well, it almost happened. Sort of.

The news hit the wire on Thursday afternoon as the NFL begins their 2020 season. Dan Patrick reported the news during the third hour of his show “Dan Patrick Show” as he randomly brought up that the Bears were one of Brady’s teams on his list:

“The final list that Brady was looking at, the Chargers, the Bears, and the Buccaneers,” Patrick continued. “I was told this yesterday, and I went, ‘Wait a minute. The Bears?’ [The source] said yes.”

“Brady was considering the Bears, the Chargers… the Chargers were the long shot because it was West Coast, he didn’t want to be on the West Coast unless it was San Francisco.”


Not a single reporter ever legit linked Brady to the Bears during the offseason but it is believable. The Bears feel like they have a Super Bowl defense along with some weapons on offense. Adding a quarterback like Brady likely would have made them the favorites in the NFC North and a contender as well.

Heck, they could have even lured Gronk out of retirement to help fix the tight end position. It’s tough to tell just how close the Bears really came but according to this, it sounds like they were the runner-up.


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