Chicago Bears vs. New York Giants Week 2 Quick Hits

The Chicago Bears escaped with another win in Week 2 outlasting the New York Giants 17-13. They led the whole game, but that really didn’t ease Bears’ fans’ nerves since they couldn’t just put the Giants away.

It feels like dejavu with another ugly win, but the Bears are 2-0 for the first time since 2013 and after missing the playoffs a year ago, getting these wins is huge. Plus, the schedule gets a little tougher as the weeks go on.

Here’s what went well and not so well for the Bears in Week 2 against the Giants:

Good Bears

Montgomery looked great for the second week in a row. What groin issue? Montgomery had to leave the game briefly, but still ended up with 16 carries for 82 yards and 3 catches for 45 yards and a TD through the air. He was by far the most productive player on the field today.

We had a Khalil Mack sighting. He got pressure last week, but he made the splash plays we’ve all been looking for this week. A sack and a fumble recovery will get the job done. Mack is back, baby.

Darnell Mooney scores his first TD and has looked good once again. In a game that Ted Ginn Jr. was inactive (maybe due to the coaching staff’s faith in Mooney), he was able to contribute right alongside Robinson and Miller as what you would think was the 3rd WR. Surprisingly though, he was second in snap count (39) only to ARob (53). Things are looking up for the rook.

Another defensive stand in the endzone to end the game. Ideally, as a team, you don’t continue to put yourself into this situation at the end of the game, but here we are second week in a row. The Bears were able to deflect the pass as time expired, but not before a brief “oh shit moment” when a yellow flag popped on the screen. Luckily it was on the offense and the game was over.

Bobby Massie caught a pass. Okay, it wasn’t intentional, but always gotta give the big guys some love. He should have never even been in that position, but he caught the tipped pass on 4th and 2 and actually kept the drive alive after a terrible pass by Trubisky.

Bad Bears

Riley Ridley was inactive once again. Time to give up on this guy. He’s about 6th on the depth chart and looks like he has no chance of climbing it. Bobby Massie now has more catches on the season.

Trubisky wasn’t able to build on much from the Lions game. He actually looked ok in the first quarter, but after that, they couldn’t get the ball moving down the field. Even on some oh his bigger plays, the ball looked horrible coming out of his hand. Talk about a wounded duck. There’s just nothing to say at this point about Mitch. It’s who he is. To his credit though, he did have an absolutely beautiful pass to Anthony Miller in the endzone, but Miller couldn’t come up with it. Speaking of Anthony Miller…

Anthony Miller put up a dud. 3 targets and a dropped pass in the endzone. Need more out of a WR2, but the lack of opportunities might have something to do with, you know, that dude throwing the ball. It’s also worth noting that he finished the game as the WR4 in terms of snap count. ARob (53), Mooney (39), Wims (29), Miller (26).

Couldn’t capitalize off turnovers. After Mack’s fumble recovery in the 1st quarter, the Bears were only able to gain 4 yards and settled for a field goal. After an interception in the 2nd quarter, the Bears only managed to move the ball 1 yard and ended up having to punt. 2 turnovers, 5 total yards out of the offense. That’s gotta piss off the defense when that happens continuously, right? Now, Eddie Jackson did have a pick and ran it back for a TD in the game, but it was called back on pass interference. Gotta do better.

Allen Robinson struggled. Not going to say it’s a result of the recent contract talks, but ARob wasn’t his usual self. Two passes coming his way also ended up in interceptions. It would have taken spectacular catches on his part, but that’s what we’ve become accustomed to seeing out of our guy. #ExtendAllenRobinson

We leave this game feeling the same as last week, where it seems we were lucky to get a win. But, again, a win is a win.

The Bears will go up against a Falcons team in Week 3 that has now given up 38 and 40 points in back to back weeks, so there is optimism that the Bears should be able to get something rolling on offense, right? Knowing the Bears with Trubisky at the helm, probably not. Think about who the Falcons played… The Seahawks and the Cowboys. Those are two offenses that are significantly better than the Bears. I don’t have super high expectations traveling to Atlanta.

Maybe the Bears can “escape” with another win next week. Is there a point at which we stop looking at just getting a win and decide Foles can probably do more with this offense than Mitch? It won’t be Week 3. Once again, Mitch survives to start another day.


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