Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 4 Quick Hits

There goes the undefeated season… The Chicago Bears looked absolutely abysmal against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, losing 19 – 11. They couldn’t work their comeback magic in this one.

Through 3 and a half quarters, the Bears offense was only able to put up 3 points. Once Foles was in, this offense was going to take off right? Wrong. It was the same old story that we’ve been dealing with the past few years. Now to the Colts’ credit, they have a really good defense. But 3 points?

This is gonna be a rough one but here we go:

Good Bears

Darnell Mooney is the #2 receiver. Once again he outplayed Miller and outsnapped him (only 46-43 this week though). He doesn’t drop passes and he runs his routes. His highlight was this beautiful 33 yard catch. Great route to get past Rhodes and a perfectly timed jump.

The Bears continued to run the ball and didn’t abandon it. It wasn’t good running, but they ran it 14 times (16 if you count Foles’ avoiding sacks). Last year I feel like this would have quickly turned into a 6 run game, so at least Nagy is staying committed.

Robinson had a ridiculous catch. I told you this was going to be hard… really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some “good” from this game here. Although it came in garbage time, Robinson made a great TD catch after being quiet all game. He’s an elite receiver that I have no idea why the Bears haven’t extended yet.

Bad Bears

Foles wasn’t any better than Trubisky today. Maybe he had a few more accurate throws, but the results were the same. 3 points through 3 and a half quarters is absolute garbage. He ended the game with 249 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT, and didn’t even give us the mobility that Trubisky brings to the table. I’m not saying to bench Foles, but wtf.

It’s time we really start to question Matt Nagy. If he hasn’t been already… It’s now the 3rd year with this guy and I have yet to see anything that resembles an “offensive genius”. It was always “give him time to get his guys” and “he doesn’t have the personnel to run the KC offense”. Well…he’s got his guys on this team and still can’t do anything with them. I’ve always been of the mindset that if you’re an “offensive genius”, you don’t need this exact combination of players to have an offense that doesn’t look like complete shit, but I digress. It’s time to start looking at Nagy. Again, here we are in year 3 and there is nothing that looks different. We’ll see if it changes as Foles starts a few more games, but I think we’ve seen what we’re going to get out of Nagy’s offense.

Where is Cole Kmet? Speaking of Nagy getting his guys, he’s got two super athletic TE’s (although one is a little seasoned) on this team in Kmet and Graham. “He needs an athletic TE like he had in Kelce”… He’s got them and doesn’t USE THEM. Graham at least played 41 snaps, but Kmet was only out there for 15. He loves the dink and dunk plays so much, dink and dunk that ball to these TE’s with some checkdowns or run them up the seams like we expect. Cole Kmet has 1 catch for 12 yards on the season. What are they doing?

Anthony Miller continues to drop passes. One resulting in a pick today. It seems like the Bears are slowly phasing him out and Mooney is taking over as the #2, but the Bears might need to go a step further. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wims get significantly more playing time, or hell… at least throw Riley Ridley in there to see if he’s any good.

The run game was horrible. This is more of a knock on the O-line than Montgomery. He was getting hit at or before the line of scrimmage on almost every run. He ended up with a 2.7 YPC avg. and couldn’t get anything going. As a team they had a 1.8 YPC avg. Absolute disaster. The O-line got abused and needs to play better. It’s easily the worst they’ve played all season.

This was a bad, bad game and hopefully, it can just be chalked up to a good Colts defense, but my God. This offense is a joke. Now the Bears have Tom Brady and The Bucs coming to town on Thursday night, and this offense is going to have to put up some points. Did anyone else see Brady put up 5 TD’s against the Chargers? This might be a bloodbath. The defense can only do so much.

This “offensive genius”, Matt Nagy, better get a gameplan together that works, and fast. If he doesn’t, Mitch Trubisky might not be the only one packing his bags and heading out of town at the end of the year. He’s running out of excuses.

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