Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 7 Quick Hits

Welp, that was a dumpster fire of a game.

The Chicago Bears fell to 5-2 after a 24 -10 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. That score makes the game seem a lot closer than it was, but make no mistake, this was a one-sided game through and through. The offense was horrendous, special teams continuously put the Bears in bad field position, and the defense was getting gashed after getting no support from the offense. To top it off, Leonard Floyd got his revenge with 2 sacks and was clearly hyped about it. You could tell he had a little extra motivation in this game.

There has been a lot of buzz about the Bears record being better than the actual team and that was on full display for a national audience Monday night. This doesn’t look like a contender. Last week in Nagy’s post-game he kept harping on the team being 5-1 and celebrating that and Foles had a firey post-game in which he said “Would you rather lose pretty, or win ugly?”. Well Nick, what about losing ugly?

This is gonna be tough to find some good for this game, but let’s go…

Good Bears

Cole Kmet got involved. Well, got involved for one series and was never seen again. I don’t want his lack of involvement to overshadow the spectacular catch he had along the sidelines in the 1st quarter though. It was a 38 yard pass in which he went up over the defender to get. The Bears need more of this.

The Bears blocked a FG. This was one of the few highlights on the Bears’ side of the ball. In the 4th quarter after a turnover on downs, Roy Robertson-Harris was able to get an arm on the ball and block a 48 yard FG attempt.

Eddie Jackson finally got his TD. It’s been a rough season of turnovers and scores getting overturned for Eddie Jackson, but not this week. He had a scoop and score off of a Robert Quinn forced fumble from 8 yards out. There was a moment of fear when a flag went flying on the play, but it was on the offense and the TD stood.

Bad Bears

Ahh where to start….

The Bears offense is just awful. There are so many things wrong with this offense, it’s the running game, it’s the play calling, it’s the quarterback play, it’s the O-line, it’s the personnel in the game in certain situations. I could go on and on and put 10 individual points in here. The bottom line is that this offense has failed to improve no matter who is on the field. The constant is Nagy and him running this offense. This cannot go on, and Nagy needs to give up play calling immediately. I don’t know who should be doing it, but I know it shouldn’t be Nagy. I’ve seen enough. Adding fuel to the dumpster fire, Brian Griese had quite the in-game story:

This was brought up in the post-game with both Nagy and Foles, and both downplayed the comments. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Brian Griese wouldn’t just make this up. There’s a chance he misunderstood Foles, but it seems like its more likely that Foles said something off-the-cuff and Griese ran with it.

The Bears went back to hibernating in the 3rd quarter. Remember last week when the Bears broke through and finally scored in the 3rd quarter? Well, that was short-lived. The Bears have now scored only once in the 3rd quarter in 7 games…

Cole Kmet disappeared after his two catches. Just like it was good they finally got him involved down-field, it was also bad that he just disappeared. After the game, once again, Nagy said they need to get him more involved and “he’s earned it”. This idiot has been saying this for weeks. YOU call the plays, man. YOU are the one who chooses to get him involved. Who are you talking to? There’s no other coach preventing him from getting on the field.

Running game is still a disaster. Montgomery finished with 14 carries for 48 yards, another terrible game. Probably because Nagy continued to run him up the middle against the best defensive player in the NFL, if not the best player in the NFL period in Aaron Donald. It’s no secret the Rams have a good defense, but even with Aaron Donald, teams have been able to run against them, probably just not up the middle… 5 of the last 6 games the Rams have allowed teams to go over 100 yards on the ground. The only other team? The Washington Football Team.

Ted Ginn Jr. was useless on Special Teams. No idea what Ginn was doing Monday night. He continuously let balls bounce instead of fair catching the ball or attempting to return any punts which allowed Johnny Hekker, who might be the best punter in the game, to pin the Bears deep punt after punt. After the first one or two, I was like “maybe he’s anticipating the ball going into the endzone for a touchback?”. But it happened repeatedly and no adjustment was made. You’d think the coaching staff would say something to Ginn after like the 2nd or 3rd punt, but nope. If Ted Ginn isn’t returning kicks or punts for the Bears, he doesn’t need to be on the team.

This was just an embarrassing game for the Bears all around. It was a game that could finally prove they deserve to be recognized for their 5 wins and they fell completely flat. There needs to be some changes this week or this team is done-for. What Nagy is doing simply is not working and for there to be any improvement, he needs to try something different like letting someone else call the plays on offense. I don’t have high hopes for anything changing for the Bears because Matt Nagy is as stubborn as they come. The Bears will most likely fall in no-mans-land, be an average to below-average team that maybe squeaks into the playoffs, and miss out on a high draft pick/opportunity to get a game-changing quarterback.

The Bears take on the New Orleans Saints this Sunday and it’s a later kickoff. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s Fox’s game of the week and this embarrassment isn’t broadcast to homes around the country. Pray that something changes this week up at Halas Hall because without change, it’s going to be another rough one on Sunday…

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