7 Essential Golf Gears You Should Bring In Every Game

Golf is an expensive sport, all right, but it’s not one that’s reserved only for the rich. Everyone can get right into it, for as long as you know that it’s the sport for you. Once you get started, it’s fun, and it’s a good way to get into a relaxing sport and hobby, too.

When you’re a beginning golfer, you’d know that there will be required equipment for you to take every game. There’s always an option to borrow some of this gear from the club you’re playing in, but that’s not always the best way to play. There will always be items you need to have, and it’s also more hygienic to bring some of these with you in your Callaway golf bags

These are the golfing essentials must-haves:

1. Grips For The Golf Clubs

One of the most important accessories you’ll need to bring in every game is your very own grips for the golf clubs. This item is something personal that should be tailored to meet your personal requirements and preferences.

Some of the most important considerations you should have along this line include:

  • The weight of your hands and arms;
  • The pressure you’re putting on your wrists;
  • The width of your hands and feet, if they’re of average size or not. 

2. Rain Gloves

With golf, you need to be able to play even when it’s raining. Apart from the headgear, one of the most necessary items you should bring with you during a rainy game is your rain glove.

It’s always crucial that once you get right into the game, you need to have a strong grip on your gloves. With rain gloves, this grip doesn’t get affected even when it gets wet. In fact, the best rain gloves work even better the wetter they become.

Here’s how you can select the best rain gloves:

  • It should be made of mesh so that your skin can breathe and your palms don’t get sweaty;
  • It should fit snugly;
  • It should be lightweight and flexible.

3. Golf Gloves

Apart from the rain gloves, there’s also the ordinary golf gloves. This type is what you’ll use most of the time when the weather is great. So, among all other factors, the foremost consideration you should always have in mind is that the glove should fit you perfectly and be the best for you, according to your liking. There’s really no one glove that’s better than the other, as this is a very personal choice.

Golf gloves are vital accessories to purchase because they help protect your hands from injury caused by impact with the golf balls. The best option is to buy a pair of fingerless golf gloves.

4. Golf GPS

A golf GPS is one of the handiest golf gears you can ever have. You don’t even have to download golf courses whenever you change location. All you have to do is turn it on, hit play, and you’re good to go. This gear will tell you the distance to the front, the middle, and back parts of the greens.

5. Headcover

Headcovers for golfers can vary. You can use either a sun visor or a cap. The latter is the most preferred, being that it provides complete coverage on the head. You don’t have to worry about the sun getting too hot or causing headaches and discomfort.

Apart from that, another very relevant consideration you need to factor in is that the visor or headcover shouldn’t get in the way of your ability to see, even far distances. It should also be lightweight.

6. Divot Tool

Having a divot tool with you makes you a polite golfer. At the end of every session, you would want to tidy up your pitch marks. Just think, if it were you playing, you would also want to go round before doing the same. 

Hence, you’ll need something that’ll make it easier for you to repair your pitch marks. With this, all you’ll have to do is gently stick the fork around the indentation and then coax it up from there.

7. Golf Shoes

With golf, comfort is paramount. After all, you’re going to be standing throughout the entire game. Apart from simply playing the game, you’re also going to be talking a lot with your peers. You may be playing with other professionals, friends, or even colleagues in business when you’re trying to seal a deal over golf. If you’re going to be spending hours standing and walking long distances throughout the entire course, remember to bring the most comfortable shoes you can find.


When it comes to these golf equipment and accessories, you also have to consider the cost and quality of various accessories and equipment you need. It’s better to invest in them early on rather than skimp and regret it eventually. 

Remember that the best golf gear can improve your game, so go ahead and get right into it. Focus on these essentials, then you’re good to go with playing through the game. 



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