2020 MLB Season: Naming The Top 10 Best Hitters Today

Baseball isn’t just about the pitchers and catchers, but it’s also about the lumbers. Yes, that’s right! The lumber is held by batters, popularly known as hitters, as they face opposing pitchers to hit the baseball. Their primary goal comes in three ways: to drive every runner at home, to be the baserunner, and to help advance the runners to the bases.

Like the real baseball league, the hitters also play a critical role in DFS baseball games. Every year, bettors scout the toughest hitters to back on and include in fantasy games. In fact, some fantasy players spend time and research finding the best current hitters in the league. 

This year, the MLB is currently in motion, as well as the DFS baseball games. With this, many fantasy bettors are aiming to build a winning roster by scouting the best hitters. Hence, as you wager in the Daily Fantasy Baseball, here are the top ten strongest MLB hitters you can surely count on for your team. 

Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels) 

Setting a career-high of 45 home runs, Mike Trout leads the race for the best MLB hitters today. He joined the Los Angeles Angels from 2011 until the present as the starting hitter. He received many prestigious awards throughout his baseball career, including an eight-time All-Star Award, 2019 All-MLB First Team, three-time American League MVP, and seven-time Silver Slugger Award. 

Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers)

The Milwaukee Brewers are now one of the strongest teams to look forward to in MLB since the acquisition of Christian Yelich in 2018. He won a back-to-back title in 2018 and 2019 as the National League’s best hitter, averaging .329 and .326 at-bats, respectively. Besides the said award, he is also the recipient of the 2019 All-MLB First Team and 2018 National League MVP Award. 

Alex Bregman (Houston Astros) 

In 2019, Alex Bregman was named one of the best MLB hitters, establishing 41 homers, 112 RBI (Run Batted In), and 1.015 OPS (On-base plus slugging). He has worked with the Houston Astros since 2016. He had won awards like a two-time All-Star Award, 2019 All-MLB Second Team, and 2017 World Series Champion title throughout his professional baseball playing year. 

Mookie Betts (Boston Red Sox) 

The Boston Red Sox is not missing in sending one of the best MLB hitters today. Mookie Betts joined the team in 2014, and from then on, he has established his name in the batting department. In 2018, Betts won the American League Award after garnering a .346 average with 135 scored runs in 2019. Apart from that, he was also recognized as a three-time Silver Slugger Award, four-time Gold Glove Award, and the 2018 World Series Champion. 

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) 

Filling-up the fifth spot in today’s best MLB hitters is Aaron Judge. In 2018, he didn’t play well after suffering from an injury. However, in his current statistics, Judge presently records .273 batting average, 120 home runs, and 269 (RBI). Besides that, he was a two-time All-Star Award and 2017 American League Rookie of the Year. 

J.D.Martinez (Boston Red Sox) 

J.D.Martinez is another Red Sox hitter that enters the list for the top MLB hitters this season. Last season, Martinez blew out 33 doubles and 26 home runs with a .939 OPS. That said, he remained as one of the top hitters for the said team alongside Betts. J.D.Martinez was a three-time All-Star Awardee, three-time Silver Slugger Award, and 2018 World Series Champion. 

Anthony Rendon (Los Angeles Angels)

The Los Angeles Angels not only have Mike Trout to count on in the batting department. Anthony Rendon also performs impressively in this position. This three-time National League Top 10 MVP finisher has accomplished 34 home runs with 44 doubles presently. Rendon got a two-time Silver Slugger Award and is a recipient of the 2019 All-MLB First Team.

Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Hitting precisely and not dodging the baseball, Cody Bellinger is the Los Angeles Dodgers’ best hitter today. Last MLB season, he won the NL MVP recognition after accomplishing 1.035 OPS in 47 home runs. This baseball hitter revived numerous recognitions, including the 2019 All-MLB First Team, 2018 NLCS MVP, 2019 Golden Glove Award, and 2019 Silver Slugger Award. 

Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) 

Another Houston Astros hitter that ranks best today in the MLB is Jose Altuve. He joined the team in 2011, and presently, he garnered a .311 batting average, 1,610 hits, 133 home runs, and 556 RBI. Given these numbers, Altuve earned a six-time All-Star Award, 2019 All MLB-Second Team, 2017 American League MVP, and 2019 ALCS MVP.

Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves)

Filling-in the final spot in today’s MLB’s best hitters is Freddie Freeman. He worked for the Atlanta Braves, and last season he averaged .938 OPS with 38 home runs. Looking into his career achievements, Freeman got a four-time All-Star Award, 2019 All-MLB Second Team, 2018 Golden Glove Award, and 2019 Silver Slugger Award.


The baseball hitters’ role in real MLB and fantasy games is critical to emerge as big winners. As a bettor, you must consider the best batters to wager and win. Hence, consider the ten toughest batters today in the MLB that can surely help you make a winning and successful DFS baseball roster. 

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