Which teams are partnering up with sportsbooks?

The gambling industry has seen big changes in recent years. It’s now possible to bet on major sports such as American Football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. That’s excellent news for gamblers and online gambling sites. What about the actual teams though? Will this new gambling landscape see them getting a slice of the pie by partnering up with sportsbooks?

It was a court ruling two years ago that changed the gambling industry in the USA. The ruling saw individual states able to decide for themselves whether or not to legalize gambling, especially online. Many have chosen to legalize gambling, anxious to get their hands on the tax revenue that can head into their coffers.

In the past, sports bodies in the USA have been worried about allowing legalized gambling. They feared that it would affect the integrity of their sports. Now it is legal in a growing number of states, it’s only logical that teams should be looking for some partnership deals with gambling sites.

The revenue this would bring into the teams is even more important now. The ongoing health crisis has seen matches being played behind closed doors. All of which means financial problems due to the lack of ticket revenue.

NFL teams, the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants have all signed sports betting partnership deals. It’s a logical move and one that has already happened in other parts of the world where top teams in many sports have betting partners.

The list of states that has legalized gambling includes Indiana. There are now several sportsbook apps in Indiana and it is important to find out about how they operate before registering with them. There are several sites that can provide you with this information.

This year has seen the top sporting teams in Indiana signing partnership deals with sportsbooks. The NBA’s Indiana Pacers signed a deal with DraftKings in February. That online sportsbook also has deals with teams such as the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. DraftKings also offer daily fantasy sports so are an attractive company to partner with.

The Pacers also have a deal with online sportsbook PointsBet, who only launched in March of this year. They have been quick off the mark to sign partnership deals and also have ones with NFL teams, the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. The Colts aren’t new to betting partnerships. The 2019/20 NFL season saw them have one with FanDuel.

Signing deals with top teams helps bring awareness to the sportsbook. The more deals that they can sign, the better it is likely to be good for business. It’s good news for gamblers too with special promotions being offered on matches.

Forging partnerships with online sportsbooks is the way ahead. Look at how a whole host of European sports teams have deals with these businesses. The deals work for all those concerned, so look for many more to be signed in the future, especially if the current problems continue.

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