Chicago Bears vs. Tennessee Titans Week 9 Quick Hits

The Chicago Bears fell to the Tennessee Titans 24-17 after another abysmal offensive performance. Don’t let the 7-point differential fool you, because this game was never close.

Going into the game it looked like the Titans Defense could be taken advantage of. Of course for the Bears, that means it looked like a matchup where they could break 20… It takes a special kind of team to get more first downs, run more plays, put up more yardage, have nearly 8 more minutes of possession time, and look that bad against an opponent. I’m sure Nagy will highlight all of this in his weekly word salad and tell everyone that they’re close and just missed on a few plays. Remember when Nagy and Foles continued to tell us how awesome they were because they had won 5 games even though they looked like shit in every game?

The Bears are a disaster and there’s no way to spin in. According to PFF, the Bears’ first half offensive performance was the worst they’ve seen all year and the Bears’ worst since PFF started back in 2006. If I didn’t have to know what was going on in the game I’d probably turn them off…

Here it goes.

Good Bears

Pat O’Donnell punted well. This is where we are folks, scraping for positives. He tied a season-long punt at 64 yards. This is helpful because the Bears offense is shit and they punt often.

Allen Robinson is still a stud. He repeatedly made tough catches and was a lone bright spot for the offense. Honestly, if I’m Allen Robinson, if there aren’t significant changes soon with this team, I wouldn’t re-sign with the Bears even if they ever get their heads out of their asses and made me an offer. He deserves so much more than this QB play and the “offensive genius”. There will be plenty of teams willing to pay him what he wants and in nearly any other system, he’d put up better numbers.

Riley Ridley played! If you read these you know I have been calling out him being a healthy scratch all year. With Wims suspended and Ted Ginn cut, it was Ridley’s time to shine. He surprisingly had 2 catches for 23 yards. Nice to see a player Pace wasted a 4th round pick on actually get some playing time…

Bad Bears

The whole game was bad but here are a few highlights.

Barkevious Mingo was the Bears leading rusher at the half. Yes, linebacker Barkevious Mingo. The 11 yards (yes 11 yards with the Bears rushing leader) came on a fake punt that actually was successful. Unfortunately, immediately after conversion, the Bears had to call a timeout because Nagy wasn’t ready to run a play and then the Bears punted 3 downs later…

The Bears couldn’t convert on 3rd down. Coming into the game, the Titans were allowing a 61.86% conversion rate, which was worst in the NFL. The next closest team was at 55%. Enter the Bears’ offense. They ended up converting on only 2 of 15 3rd down attempts. Nice boost to the Titans’ numbers there. I’m guessing the lack of conversions has something to do with the Bears continuously throwing the ball short of the marker on 3rd down.

The Bears couldn’t score again in the 3rd quarter. That’s 8 out of 9 weeks where they’ve been unable to score in the 3rd. It’s a joke and another testament to coaching. You’d really think that would be the quarter where Nagy could have a chance to be the most efficient. Come out of the locker room with a plan based on what he’s seen all game? His head is buried in the “Be You” menu all game though, so he may not really be paying attention to what he can take advantage of.

The offense has been worse with Foles. Yeah the offense was actually better when Trubisky was in there. More yards, more points, more rushing yards, less interceptions, better rating, etc. If I didn’t think it would be better for the Bears overall to just lose the rest of their games, I’d say they should go back to Trubisky. Wild that we’re here, but I’m a firm believer it’s Nagy that’s the problem and was never totally on Mitch.

Cole Kmet disappeared again. Wasn’t even targeted. Nagy should really find the guy who’s supposed to be getting him involved on offense and talk to him.

David Montgomery left with a concussion. Not that he’s effective or ever used in the right situation, but the Bears’ starting running back might be dealing with the concussion protocol this week. Luckily he has an extra day with the Bears playing on Monday night.

The Bears continue to be a laughing stock of the sports world. I especially like this one from Ryan Clark:

The Bears play Monday night against division rival Minnesota and the entire country will be subjected to dumpster fire that is the Bears’ offense. We should at least get some comical tweets as people ask wtf is going on with this Bears team and laugh at our “offensive genius”.

Bears fans should be looking forward to a primetime game on Monday Night Football, but at this point the team is just an embarrassment to the city. Can they flex games out of Monday? Luckily(?) Kirk Cousins is 0-9 on MNF and usually performs pretty bad in primetime, but if they can put up say, 10-14 points, the Vikings will have a pretty good shot at winning. Can’t wait…


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