The hiring of Tony La Russa was already being questioned by Sox fans as well as people in general around the sporting world, but the recent news of him being charged with a DUI the day before his hiring adds even more questions and skepticism. So much so that it may now be affecting free agents to potentially sign with the White Sox.

Marcus Stroman was (supposed) to be a potential free agent target for a White Sox team (and plenty of others) that will be looking to bolster their starting pitching, but in light of the recent news with La Russa, the Sox may be crossing him off their list. Or should I say he’s crossing them off of his? He’s been firing off tweets throughout the day making his thoughts on the team decision and DUI disaster very clear. Here are some highlights:

Ken Rosenthal posted a link to a story from the Athletic “How can the White Sox continue to defend their hiring of Tony La Russa?” and it got an interesting reaction:

He even got in on clowning the White Sox and LaRussa:


There are plenty more calling into question La Russa’s relationships with African American players and previous comments. Just head over to his Twitter to see the threads.

You can’t blame him for these comments. The hiring was already questionable and now this. Leading up to this La Russa hire, the White Sox had made all the right moves putting them in position to be a legit contender and seemingly have fallen flat on their face with this hiring. Probably because it was Rick Hahn making the previous decisions and not something pushed on him by the ownership group (Reinsdorf). This hiring is now a legit concern and could really end up biting the White Sox in the ass. I mean, do the current players feel the same way? Are other free agents going to shy away? We’ll see in the coming months what happens. Based on this backlash, it may be without La Russa and the Sox are back searching for a manager.

Just another day in Chicago sports, right?

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