The Best US Sporting Events to Put Your Money On

There is plenty to bet on and to enjoy every day of the week when it comes to sport in the US. The leagues that we love provide us with plenty of action and excitement week in week out. However, there are also the big US sporting events that should be a part of your sports betting game plan. Regardless of the sport you most enjoy and the sport that you put your betting efforts into, these US sporting events are the best to put your money on. Take a look at the events we have singled out and consider making them a part of your betting strategy.

The Super Bowl 

Perhaps the biggest and best of all legendary US sporting events, the NFL Super Bowl is not just a big event in the footballing calendar, but also in the US social calendar. The event has become akin to a national holiday and Super Bowl weekend sees family and friends brought together to enjoy festivities, food and football. There is plenty to bet on when it comes to the Super Bowl, and many bettors have made their fortune on the exciting event that has captured the hearts of Americans. With a little bit of research and checking of the NFL consensus, it is easy to make a safe bet on the event and add an extra dimension of enjoyment to one of the most beloved events in the world of US sport.

US Open 

Whilst you may not spend a lot of time and money betting on tennis as a part of your regular betting game plan, the US Open is a key event not to be missed by serious sports bettors. It is the final Grand Slam in the tennis calendar and always attracts big crowds and big names. Many greats of the games have graced the courts of Flushing Meadows, and there is always someone to bet on and plenty of first-class tennis to enjoy.

Stanley Cup 

The biggest event in the NHL calendar, the Stanley Cup is the final that all young hockey players dream of playing in and fantasize about winning. The event brings hockey fans from across the world together to watch the sport’s best competitors battle it out in what always proves to be an exhilarating game. Records have been set and broken in the event’s history and there is always an interesting way to get in on the action. An event that is well worth betting on, the Stanley Cup final is a US sporting event not to be missed by fans and bettors alike.

Kentucky Derby 

US sporting events don’t come more exciting and more thrilling than the Kentucky Derby. First televised in 1952, the race has remained a firm favorite in every bettor’s event calendar. Do your reading before the game and learn about the horses in the race and you will be sure to pick yourself a winner and earn some big bucks on the day.

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