It’s a season defying game Monday night for the Chicago Bears

Oh how things have changed with the Chicago Bears.  From starting the season at 5-1 to sitting at 5-4 with a chance to be at .500 by Tuesday morning. The Bears have been in a rut for a few weeks now. Losing three-straight games to the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints and this past weekend the Tennesse Titans, this team has looked really bad specifically on the offensive side of the football.

If the playoffs started today the Bears would be outside looking in at the big dance of the NFL. Reasons why this football team has struggled as of late is because the offense has been non existent under head coach Matt Nagy and offensive play caller. Chicago is currently 28th in points per game, 29th in yards per game and 32nd in rushing yards. As you can tell this offense is not very good. Others have said and I tend to agree the offense hasn’t been good since Nagy has taken over in Chicago.

Credit to the defense that has kept this team for keeping them with in striking distance for the offense to convert on different situations to win football. Sadly the offense has been unable to do that and it’s why they are 5-4 and need to win this game on Monday night.

The surging Minnesota Vikings go to Chicago with probably the best running back in the game, Dalvin Cook. Cook and the Vikings are coming in on a two game win streak against division foes, Green Bay and Detroit. Now, Chicago’s defense will have its hands full trying to stop Cook and the Vikings. Fortunately, Chicago has had good success versus the Vikings while under Matt Nagy. Nagy is 4-0 versus Minnesota.

The record right there shows why this game Monday night could be so defying on which way the rest of the season could go for Chicago.

Going up against a team that you have had great success against and can get you back on track. Win and you are setting at 6-4 with a bye week and the rest of the 6 games aren’t as tough. I believe 9 wins gets Chicago into playoffs.

At the start of the season the Bears playoffs odds were at -110, which is about 10/11, so pretty much a 50/50 chance. Now they are looking at +325 about 13/4 to make the playoffs which is not very good.

Losing this game could crush this team going forward and would be a long bye week with a lot of question marks that is already circulating this team and could possibly lose a locker room especially on the defense side if the offense doesn’t take steps.

After a change at playcaller, I’m looking forward to see how this Bears team responds after a few tough weeks. This is a great spot for the offense to get out of the funk. Minnesota has a very young defense that has not shown much this season haven given up a ton of yards, especially through the air with their young secondary. If Chicago can’t get their offense going this week, then it could be a rough rest of the way and this thing could go downhill.

A win, however, gets them right back into the playoff mix.

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