Does Kyle Trask or Mac Jones fit as a better QB prospect for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears are in quarterback hell.

Mitchell Trubisky hasn’t lived up to what Ryan Pace thought he would be. Has shows signs of flash and other times you wonder what Ryan Pace saw in the guy. To be a franchise quarterback you have to show that flash single every time. Since it is not Trubisky the Bears took a chance on Nick Foles via trade with Jacksonville and he hasn’t shown much. Since Foles took over, the Bears offense has regressed and is near the bottom of the league in every major offensive stat.

Having two quarterbacks that probably aren’t going to be hear much longer the Bears need to start looking at college quarterbacks and have to absolutely who hit a home run.

Two guys that are starting to climb up draft boards play in the SEC in Alabama’s Mac Jones and Florida’s  Kyle Trask. Jones is a junior and Trask is a redshirt senior that are leading their teams to an undefeated so far and are right there in the Heisman race. Both have played very well and are on a collision course to meet in the SEC title game.

But which is the better fit for the Bears?

Jones is in his first year starting after he backed up Tua Tagovailoa who left and went on to be a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Jones did see some time for a couple games last season when Tua was hurt. One thing that might scare bears fans is only starting for one year. Same thing happened with Trubisky when he was in college.

Jones is a pocket passer, when in trouble he will stand in there and take the hit while making the throw. Before the season the downside on him was his accuracy and the deep ball. It has definitely improved this season. According to ESPN stats, Mac Jones has a completed 77% of his passes with a passing rating of 205.1.

Just unheard of.

Trask is the more experienced quarterback. This is his second season under center for the Gators and so far, he’s put up some eye-popping numbers with 31 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 7 games this season. I would say Trask is more elusive than Jones and is willing to run when needed too.

I really like both of these players but I would lean for Trask to lead the Bears. Big thing to me is the experience. That’s what haunted the Bears with Trubisky. I believe having experience is huge when it comes to the NFL. Having the ability to leave the pocket and become a runner is also a plus in this offense especially when plays break down. Trask is more elusive compared to Jone making him more of a better fit there.

Interested to see what happens to Chicago the rest of the season but I am looking forward to see what they do come draft time. A lot of things can change but I like the kid from Florida to lead this franchise for years to come.

One thought on “Does Kyle Trask or Mac Jones fit as a better QB prospect for the Chicago Bears?

  • November 24, 2020 at 11:53 AM

    Hard not to agree with this assessment on these 2 players ! While i like both Trask just has that confidence now as clearly can fit more offensive in the NFL . I also like his ability to tuck it but desire not to do so ! That to me is a heady QB and the type we need around here !

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