Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers Week 12 Quick Hits

Sunday Night Football. Arch Rival. Teams fighting to make the playoffs/establish playoff position. Everything you want in a game for your favorite team, except when you’re a Bears fan.

The Chicago Bears fell to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night 41-25, their 5th loss in a row. For those keeping score at home, this loss to the Packers also marks the 18th time in the past 21 matchups that the Bears have lost to the Packers. This isn’t much of a rivalry. Coming off a bye week, one would expect the Bears to be more prepared, but they were out played, out coached, and seemingly had no interest in playing in that game last night. The loss coming out of the bye week drops Nagy’s record in such situations to 0-3, and the Bears’ organization to 0-6 over the past 6 seasons dating back to John Fox. Speaking of bye weeks, I already miss the Bears’ bye week. A break from the misery of being a Bears fan…

This is a complete disaster no matter how you look at it and there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about or look forward to.

Let’s go:

Good Bears

Allen Robinson continues to prove he’s a top tier WR. Another game where Allen Robinson was the bright spot with 8 catches, 74 yards and 2 TDs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… If I’m Allen Robinson, I’m not re-signing with this team in the off-season. Even if there are significant changes from the President (Ted Phillips), to the GM, to the coach, to the QB, by the time all these new people make the changes they want, implement their system, and a rookie QB figures out what the hell he’s doing, Allen Robinson will have wasted valuable years of his prime. Maybe he likes Chicago and wants to live in this city and won’t hold this current regime against the organization as a whole, but there are going to be plenty of suitors for his services. There’s not really a good reason for him to stay.

David Montgomery had maybe his best game of his career. He finished the night with 11 carries for 103 yards and 5 catches for 40 yards and a TD. He finally had a big splash play in which he took the ball 57 yards that unfortunately came up just short of the goal line (surprise surprise the Bears couldn’t punch it in and settled for a FG). The 57 yard run obviously inflates his numbers, but even removing that run, he still averaged 4.6 ypc which is a big jump from his usual 3.6 ypc. He looked explosive throughout the game. If only Nagy ran the ball more often.

The Bears scored 25 points. What a milestone. It was the 3rd highest point total of the season. Offense is really clicking now…

The Bears got embarrassed. Stick with me for a second here. I’d argue that the Bears getting absolutely destroyed on Sunday Night Football is actually a good thing. It helps draft position and it might be the final straw for the front office and coaching staff. Fire everyone.

Bad Bears

The Bears defense finally broke. For weeks we’ve all been saying that the Bears defense couldn’t keep up this play all season to keep them in games. I don’t know if they quit, were tired, just had a bad game, or what, but it was by far the worst performance we’ve seen in quite some time. Maybe over the course of the past few seasons. The most concerning observation of the defense from last night came from Tony Dungy saying “The Bears have basically given up here”. As much as it sucks, I wouldn’t blame them if that truly was the case. To me that’s about as bad of a sign of a locker room as you can get. In front of a national audience and coming off a bye, that’s a hell of a time to make a point. If rah rah Nagy can’t even keep the team motivated at this point, there’s no use for him here.

Trubisky still stinks. Makes a good play. Keeps a play alive. Turns the ball over. Same old story with our boy Mitch here. He was dropping the ball all night, throwing balls into double and triple coverage leading to two interceptions. Just bad. Speaking of the interceptions…coming out of halftime, sideline reporter Kathryn Tapper said she talked to Coach Nagy and she asked about Mitch’s first interception and he said he “wasn’t upset” with it. Like what?! Not upset that your QB threw into double coverage because you wanted to take a deep shot? What is this dude talking about??Throw the damn ball away. No wonder Mitch is a mess, he’s got this idiot coaching him.

The Bears didn’t score again in the 3rd quarter. This has to be a record for being a shitty offense. I feel like you have to TRY to be this bad. Like can’t even get a field goal. They’ve scored 14 points in the 3rd quarter all season. Over 11 games. 14 points. 11 games, folks. Remember one of those was a kick return for a TD, too.

This is short and sweet. It’s beating a dead horse. You can only say the offense sucks and the team is a disaster so many times. Week after week, its the same story. Literally nothing changes. Like I said, that ass whooping Sunday night is hopefully enough to get everyone fired and the Bears can start a rebuild. The official best-case scenario for the Bears the rest of the season is to lose out.

You look at the schedule and say that the Bears have some winnable games against some bad teams like the Jags, Lions, and Texans, but those teams are probably saying the same thing. The Bears ARE ONE OF THOSE BAD TEAMS. They’ve become a team that gets checked off as an easy win by other teams.

Football season is officially over in Chicago and it’s time to start looking for something else to occupy our time. Luckily the Bulls are starting up here soon and we get to see what a competent VP, GM, and Head Coach can do with the team. They’re going to need some time to retool the roster, but at least the season will be interesting. Pre-season starts Dec. 11th and the regular season starts the 22nd.

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