Michael Jordan’s ‘The Grove XXIII’ golf course has awesome nickname, features

Michael Jordan was king on the basketball court but he also had a love for the sport of golf. Jordan was able to spend his off days, the offseason and post-basketball on the golf course, not shying away from his love of the sport.

Back in 2019,  Jordan took his love to the next level. He had his own golf course built with the help of NBWW and it’s uber-exclusive. And we are talking EXCLUSIVE.

Less than 100 members belong to The Grove XXIII, a name that pays homage to Jordan’s 23 from his playing career, and it’s invite only meaning you need to be someone VERY important or VERY close to Jordan himself to get in. The course is 18-holes and is designed to be played in loops of four nine-hole combinations or three- to six-hole loops. Damn.

Members that are lucky enough to play the course will also have food and beverages delivered to them via drone. If you’re thirsty on Number 6 and you don’t have any refreshments, a drone will deliver it to you right there.

But arguably the best part about this awesome course? The nickname.

According to Rickie Fowler, Jordan’s golf course is nicknamed ‘Slaughterhouse 23’ because of how difficult it is. It’s designed to give even the best of golfers a difficult time.

Now, we wonder how difficult of a time does it really give MJ?

Check out some images below:


Only the best for MJ. Only the best.


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