As the team adapts to some drastic roster moves, some of the Chicago Blackhawks’ youngest standouts are set to make significant impacts in the coming season. Center Kirby Dach is just one of the Blackhawks prospects ready to get after it as the team regains structure.

Most recently, Dach snagged the captain spot for Team Canada in the upcoming World Junior Championship. This world stage experience should give Dach a definite edge in comparison to prospects going through the standard training camp grind for the coming season.

On the upcoming responsibilities in the spotlight, Dach explained to Scott Wheeler of The Athletic, “I’m going to lead by example and I’m not going to be afraid to speak up when things need to be said in the dressing room… I’m going to have that pro mentality here,”

While only time will tell what will come of Dach’s leadership role and the high stakes, Dach’s rookie season offered an impression of its own. The center had no fear when it came to getting it done in the crease and eventually claimed 8 goals and 15 assists.

The 6-foot-4 powerhouse found a new conditioning focus with Patrick Kane’s trainer, Ian Mack, ahead of the playoffs to pack on some bulk. As the team headed into its most recent playoff run, Dach chalked up one goal and five assists, two of which were on the power play.

While Dach offered a standout showing in the past season and playoff run, he did deal with the inconsistencies that any rookie does. Depending on what fans see from Dach in the World Junior Championship, they can count on Dach to find a better flow and become invaluable on the power play, in particular,  in the coming season.

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