Could the Chicago Bears be a landing spot for Carson Wentz?

The quarterback rumors are buzzing for the Chicago Bears as they head into their Week 17 matchup with the Green Bay Packers with it all on the line. The latest suggests that the the Bears could at least think about bringing back Mitch Trubisky for another year after he’s rallied off three-straight wins.

Despite the three-game win streak, do the Bears really want to go down that road again? It’s not likely especially with having to pay Nick Foles next season as well. But the Bears could opt to either trade or draft a quarterback, or potentially both this offseason.

Sam Darnold’s name has popped up in rumors this season and now another former No. 2 pick’s name is being brought up. With the Philadelphia Eagles turning to Jalen Hurts as their starter, they are likely to move on from Carson Wentz. And that likely means Wentz will be available.

Bleacher Report’s Kalyn Kahler hints that the Bears could be a team interested in Wentz:

Bears general manager Ryan Pace and his staff were interested in Wentz ahead of the 2016 draft and had looked into trading up for him that year. But based on his 2020 performance, NFL insiders aren’t sold that Wentz would be an upgrade over Trubisky. Head coach Matt Nagy has a close relationship with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, whose opinion could factor in. With Trubisky’s improvement in his return to the starting role, the Bears already have a bridge quarterback whom they can keep on a relatively inexpensive two- or three-year deal with incentives since he has yet to prove from one season to the next that he can be the guy.

A few things to note. First, the market for Trubisky won’t be very big and he could be a cheap option for the Bears while also drafting a quarterback. Trubisky is an ideal bridge guy especially when you can turn to a rookie at any point next season, just like Philadelphia did with Hurts.

However, the problem with Wentz is the money.

The quarterback is in the middle of a four-year deal that will include a $34M cap hit plus $59M in dead cap next season. Would the Eagles take the hits if they could move on from him? Possibly, but that’s a lot of money for a quarterback that has really struggled this year.

If I were in charge, I’d say no thanks to both options and roll with a rookie next season.

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  • January 2, 2021 at 11:45 PM

    Hell no! We don’t want that weak red mustache on Chicago TV.

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