Get Acquainted With The 2021 Pegasus Cup Top Favorite

In all the lists of the favorite contenders for the Pegasus Cup 2021, you’ll notice that Tiz the Law is always on the number one spot. He is the most favored horse in the race by fans and bettors alike.

Aren’t you curious why Tiz the Law always ends up in the number one spot in all the lists of this race’s favorites? To understand why horse racing fans, bettors, and experts choose Tiz the Law as their number one favorite, let us study his top performances, bloodline, and handling. 

Top Performances

Tiz the Law has performed in several races since he debuted. He won the majority of these races and became known in the industry. He became so well-known that various bettors have wagered on him using their favorite horse betting website

Here are the races that he won since his debut in 2019.

Maiden Special Weight

The first-ever victory of Tiz the Law happened at Saratoga, where he dominated the maiden special weight race for 2-year-old, New York-bred horses. It was the first time he showed off his talent in a four and ¼ length race.

Champagne Stakes 

When his trainer witnessed his performance in the Maiden Special Weight, he decided to enter Tiz the Law into the Champagne Stakes 2019, one of the most important races for 2-year-old colts in New York. In this race, Tiz the Law once again outshined his competitors and finished his second race as the champion. 

Holy Bull Stakes

The first race that was dominated by Tiz the Law is the Holy Bull Stakes that happened last February 1, 2020. He was the highly favored horse, which is why his trainer Barclay Tagg and Sackatoga Stable decided to enter Tiz the Law to compete in the Holy Bull Stakes.

It was a good decision for both the trainer and owner as Tiz the Law did not disappoint them and his supporters. Tiz the Law took home the championship title of the Holy Bull Stakes 2020. It was a pretty obvious win, though, because Tiz the Law was the favorite of the race, with odds of 3-5.

Florida Derby

The second victory of Tiz the Law this year is the Florida Derby held last March 28, 2020. He still put out quite a show even though no audiences watched the race due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

This is where Tiz the Law earned 100 points on his road to the Kentucky Derby race. He galloped past Shivaree and Ete Indien, which finished second and third, respectively. This was his second straight win this year that makes him the favorite horse of the year.

Belmont Stakes 

One of the most prestigious horse racing events of the year and one of the qualifying races for the triple crown, the Belmont Stakes 2020 was dominated by none other than the number one favorite Tiz the Law. It is his third win for the year, and he showed no mercy, never backing down.

It was a historic win for Tiz the Law as he is the first New York-bred racehorse to finish Belmont Stakes in the number one spot after Forester in 1882. Tiz the Law took advantage of the only turn of the race where he surged past the pacesetter Tap It To Win.

Travers Stakes 

The Travers Stakes is the fourth win he achieved this year. Still, as a champion, he finishes the race with confidence and determination. He proved to the world that he is indeed one of the best racehorses of this time.

The horse ran the one ⅛ mile distance in just 2 minutes, which secures his championship. It was an expected win for Tiz the Law as he is the one many people are rooting for. Although the track was so quiet because spectators were prohibited, Tiz the Law still flaunted his skills for the world to witness. 

After winning four straight races this year, Tiz the Law is undeniably one of the best racehorses of his time. He became a rising star, and everyone is watching him closer than ever. He became the favorite of most and a threat to some. 


Tiz the Law is an offspring of Constitution, a well known top achiever horse in his time, and Tizfiz, a G2 horse that is an offspring of Famer champion Tiznow. His bloodline is one of the factors that he has the skill of a champion. 


Trained by Barclay Tagg and owned by the Sackatoga Stable, the horse was honed to win. Tagg already has an undisputed record in training top performing horses in the industry. He also entrusted Tiz the Law to Jockey Manny Franco, as he has over 1000 wins throughout his career. 

The combination of the trainer’s determination, the stable’s support system, and the jockey’s skill will contribute to the horse’s success. And, of course, the horse’s ability will increase the chances of winning a championship. 


Understanding the horse’s background and history will help you know it’s capability and strength. A horse’s bloodline, trainer, and jockey also plays a significant role in the horse’s success. All provided information is enough to prove that Tiz the Law is undeniably one of the best horses in the race and that he deserves the number one spot on the favorite’s list.

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