Guinness teases new big game ad starring Joe Montana

The world will tune in as the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle it out to be crowned Champion on February 7th. But while the game will decide everything, eyes in between the action will be on the commercials.

This is traditionally a big time for commercials airing during the big game, and while some companies have decided to use that ad money to help with the vaccine, Guinness is spreading positivity with a message in their commercial starring Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

Montana addresses viewers with an overarching, inspiring message that the best is yet to come, despite the tough times we’ve all been living through. The message is what it really takes to be the GOAT and on Thursday, it was teased out to the public for the first time:

This will be the first Guinness commercial to air during the Big Game in over a decade. With the teaser released now, fans will get the chance to view the entire commercial on Sunday, Feb. 7th.


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