Report: Bears Linked to Trade for Carson Wentz

The Bears’ offseason is only a month old, but the rumors continue to fly as to how the team will address their quarterback position. The latest rumor may have more smoke than anything preceding it, and the wheel of potential quarterbacks has landed on Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Enquirer’s Les Bowen reported this Friday regarding the Philadelphia Eagles making a Carson Wentz deal:

Immediately, rumors have started to fly surround two teams specifically: the Bears and the Colts. The only issue with this rumor? Colts insider for the Indy Star, Jim Ayello has shot down any chance at the Colts making an imminent move.

Which leaves one team in the equation, the Chicago Bears. With Ryan Pace and company holding the 20th overall pick in the first round along with 2nd and 3rd round selections, it’s anyone’s guess what the team could offer up to the Eagles. How many picks this year? How many future picks? Could it involve a Philly reunion with Nick Foles? One thing is for certain, it appears the Bears are the leader in the clubhouse.

So buckle up Bears fans, we may be in for a wild ride over Super Bowl weekend over a piece the front office may be tagging as an important step towards actually playing in the Super Bowl.

One thought on “Report: Bears Linked to Trade for Carson Wentz

  • February 5, 2021 at 3:49 PM

    So basically we’ll have the same QB just a different name and number smh and we’ll probably give them 2 #1s and Fuller or something stupid damn it!!!!!

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