Report: Wentz Prefers the Colts to the Bears

The Carson Wentz trade rumors have seemed to be coming to a head over the last few days and it appears Wentz and his camp have a preferred destination, and it’s not the Windy City.

Yesterday morning on Pro Football Talk Chris Simms broke the news that while both the Bears and Colts have made strong offers for the Eagles QB, Wentz would rather end up in Indianapolis. Simms, according to sources he trusts, was told that Wentz “prefers the Colts situation.”

The Colts do seem ready-made for Wentz and his situation coming out of Philadelphia.  Wentz was sacked 50 times last season and the Colts have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL and an emerging running back in Jonathan Taylor that can help take pressure off of him. This move may also be enough to convince T.Y. Hilton to re-sign in Indianapolis and give Wentz legitimate weapons to work within the passing game.

The Bears just can’t seem to offer as much from a roster perspective right now with the state of their offensive line and the questions surrounding Allen Robinson’s contract situation and relationship with the front office.  Can the Bears convince Wentz that they are a better landing spot? Time will tell….


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