Tim Anderson has one Goal this Season… “Whoop these m***** f******”

God I love Tim Anderson.

He’s just as ready for baseball season as the rest of Chicago White Sox fans. He sat down (virtually) with Chuck Garfien this week and didn’t hold back on the attitude that he wants this Sox team to play with this season opposed to last season…

It was too laid back. We need that dog in us. We need some ‘Let’s go out here and whoop these mother f*****s’.

We need that type of attitude versus like ‘Are we going to win today?’ No, ‘Let’s go out here and whoop ’em’. It might be 10-0 in the first, let’s keep going. That type of winning, not just feel around and see what happens. from the first inning, let’s go.

Some of the old baseball purists might not like the idea of running up the score, but I believe Sox fans are here for it. I know I am. I will say I didn’t get the feeling that the Sox were too laid back last season, but maybe more-so content with making the playoffs and exceeding expectations a bit. They weren’t supposed to be quite as explosive as they were last season. This season has far different expectations, including World Series aspirations and they’re gonna have to bring it.

It’s no secret that the team goes as Tim goes. When he was out on the 10 day DL last season, you could see the team didn’t have the same energy. They went 5-5 and just weren’t as explosive. If there’s a player in the MLB that can “bring that dog” to a team, it’s our guy on the South Side.

Pitchers and catchers report February 17th. It’s almost go-time.

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