The NFL Draft is right around the corner and the evaluations are heating up with the Chicago Bears continuing to do their homework on setting up their draft day board. Latest reports say the Bears have shown increased interest in one specific late-round draft prospect to add to their 2021 roster: Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book.

The news that Book is on the Bears’ radar may not come as a surprise to some. The California native wrapped up his redshirt senior season throwing for 2,830 yards, 15 touchdowns and three interceptions in 12 games. His TD/INT ratio did drop significantly from his 2019 season when he threw for 36 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in 13 games.

Book’s athleticism was put on the spot in Notre Dame’s recent pro day and it appears he did exceed some expectations in a few categories:

For more on some specifics on Book’s game, here is what Tony Pauline from had to say about the senior QB:

Positives: Efficient, accurate timing passer who is best in the short and intermediate field. Patient, remains poised under the rush and steps up to avoid defenders, keeping his eyes downfield. Stays with the action, does not go down without a fight, and improvises in order to make plays. Displays terrific field vision, does not force throws, and protects the ball. Agile, easily moves about the field, and is a legitimate threat picking up yardage with his legs. Terrific short and intermediate passer who delivers tight spirals and a catchable ball. Sells ball fakes, takes the safe underneath outlet, and possesses a quick release.

Negatives: Short and lacks pocket stature. Cannot drive deep throws. Shows hesitation in his game and is late pulling the trigger.

Accuracy is something that has definitely haunted the Bears quarterback room over the last few years, so Book could bring some stability there, but hesitation? Uh oh…

In many circles he’s projected anywhere between the 9th and 13th best quarterback among 2021 prospects putting a Day 3 grade on him. So what say you Bears fans, should Ryan Pace dip into Chicago’s backyard and take Ian Book later this month with a late round selection?


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