Big Red Bus Chicago Bulls Podcast Episode 61 — K.C. Johnson joins the show

Things aren’t going well for the Chicago Bulls as they have lost five straight and will be without their star, Zach LaVine, for a few weeks as we hit crunch time in the NBA season.

But what should we make of these latest developments?

The Big Red Bus’ Doug Thonus and See Red Fred are joined by Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson to talk about the struggles, the future of the franchise, plus another rebuild?

Listen to the episode below:

Talking points:

  • What is the primary reason for this disaster? 2:09
  • Patrick Williams 3:45
  • Did you agree with the decision to insert PWIll in the starting lineup? 3:45
  • Was that a Billy Donvan decision, or was that a decision dictated by AKME? 5:15 ·
  • Do you feel the Bulls would be better off (& PWill) by moving him to the bench? 6:30
  • Do you anticipate the Bulls will match any offer for Lauri, even if it is a lowball one? 9:00
  • If the Bulls miss the playoffs and hand off their #1 pick to Orlando, is it possible that AKME goes for a full rebuild, and decides to trade Zach & or Vucevic? Isn’t that our last card to play, to trade one or both, for multiple first rounders, since they are All-Stars on great contracts? 12:00
  • Coby White 14:30
  • Considering the Bulls would have to likely offer Lonzo Ball between 20-25 million per year, do you feel a lineup featuring of LaVine-Vucevic-Ball could contend in the East within 2 years? If AKME pulled you aside and said: “Ball for 4-5 years at 80-100 million or Derrick Rose or Rubio on a cheaper deal, shorter term contract…what direction would you choose for this offseason”? 19:00
  • Recollections on Tyrus Thomas & a Player’s Motor 21:45

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