2021 NFL Draft: Are the Chicago Bears planning on a big move up?

With just under two weeks away until the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears are currently set to pick No. 20 overall. The franchise has a few big needs on their roster including offensive tackle, defensive back, safety, wide receiver and yes, quarterback.

Despite signing Andy Dalton, the Bears could be in the market to draft a rookie quarterback in hopes that he finally solves their problems at the position. But at No. 20 overall, there aren’t many options unless they want to take a flier on a second or third round prospect.

However, there appears to be some smoke to the thought of the Bears moving up in the draft to land a quarterback. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune wrote on that situation and offered some interesting thoughts as to why Dalton likely isn’t the end game here for the franchise:

“There has been sentiment around the NFL for a few weeks that the Bears are plotting a move for a quarterback, that Pace and Nagy view that as their best chance to spark a turnaround while also providing hope for the future. The Bears could continue with their plan to start Dalton while bringing along a rookie, hoping the veteran performs well enough that they don’t have to turn to a draft pick in an effort to try to save jobs.”

Now, Biggs uses Ohio State prospect Justin Fields in his photo, a player that the Bears have watched at his Pro Days twice now and clearly have interest. Fields probably isn’t slipping past 8 and even that’s a stretch to happen come April.

Former ESPN NFL insider John Clayton echoed similar thoughts on the Bears as well as he notes on DenverFan.com:

Add Chicago to the number of teams trying to trade up for one of the five first-round quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. Andy Dalton is the Bears starter. Nick Foles is still on their roster, but Chicago is looking to get their quarterback of the future.

They tried like crazy to trade for Russell Wilson, but that was never going to happen. They were willing to give up three first-round picks, cornerback Kyle Fuller and a top defensive starter.

Ouch. Clayton notes that Chicago was heavily invested in getting Russell Wilson, dangling a trade package of three first round picks plus Kyle Fuller and another defensive starter. That makes sense as Fuller was released in free agency to free up cap space.

These two reports do suggest Chicago is trading up and it could be for a player like Fields or Trey Lance. Draft day is going to be real interesting for the Bears.

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