REVEALED: The Most Expensive NFL Merchandise Items Ever Sold

The business of sports merchandise can be quite lucrative, particularly in the NFL. Some fans of the sport are prepared to pay a staggering amount to get their favorite player’s signature on an item.

American Gambler have done some analysis to work out what are the most expensive items in history and which player, past or present, can boast the tag of ‘Most Valuable Signature’.

Joe Namath Claims The League’s Top Prize Again

Former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath was the Most Valuable Player at Super Bowl III, he can now claim the tag of ‘Most Valuable Signature’. A signed jersey from ‘Broadway Joe’ has sold for $61,036.08, the highest on record for an item.

Namath, who retired from the NFL in 1977 following a spell for the St Louis Rams, still tops the list ahead of Tom Brady, who is the highest active player on the list. The recent Super Bowl winner’s signed jersey once sold for $36,030.69.

Top Five Most Expensive One-Off Items:

Namath Lands The Double With Highest Average Price Of Signature

The NFL Hall of Famer also has the highest average price of signature at $21,062.02. Once again, this is far higher than the second best on the list, Brady, whose signature is valued at an average of $11,007.67.
Tyreek Hill in third in the standings at $10,675.31. He has been one of the leading wide receivers in the league over the last couple of years.

Top Five Highest Average Price Of Signature

American Gambler’s full analysis can be found here:

REVEALED: The Most Valuable Football (NFL) Signatures

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