The Big Red Bus – Episode 62 – Bounceback in Boston

See Red Fred and the Podfather Doug Thonus discuss the state of the team after the big bounceback win in Boston!


Talking points:

  • No Tanking Here 1:30
  • Vucevic, Thad, and Temple Rock 3:49
  • Lottery Odds 6:30
  • Unrealistic Expectations of the Trade 8:30
  • Zach’s Absence 12:00
  • The Nuclear Card 14:00
  • Rubio or Ball 19:00
  • Extending Zach 25:00
  • Vucevic Setting Picks & Defensive Rebounds 26:30
  • The Importance of Defensive Rebounds 30:00
  • Optimal Starting Lineup 40:00
  • Jimmy Butler’s Comments 46:00

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