Sports Stars Who Love Betting and Casinos

According to world gambling statistics, 26% of the human population tried at least some form of betting or casino games. In other words, there are around 1.6 billion casino and betting enthusiasts on the planet. Thus, it is no wonder to learn that there are gambling enthusiasts even among the wealthiest of us. Professional athletes are known to make triple digits, and the reason why some of them are smitten by betting or casinos is definitely not the money. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few sports stars who love gambling.

So, here is a shortlist of some of the top casino-loving sports stars who are known for their passion for games of chance.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

If you love sports and boxing in particular, you know who Floyd Mayweather is. Mayweather is an American professional boxing promoter, but he used to be a professional boxer nicknamed “Money.” Besides being hooked on boxing and the adrenaline that comes with this combat sport, Floyd Mayweather was also hooked on gambling. 

According to sources, he loves both casinos and high stake betting. And when talking about the high stake betting, Floyd wagered 5.9 million on the Miami Heat once. He placed all that money on this team, hoping that they will win game seven of the NBA finals and game five of the East finals. 

With his multimillion income on an annual basis, Mayweather might lose a tiny portion of his wealth on high stake bets – but that doesn’t change the fact that these stakes are insanely high. Mayweather also love to play at high stake tables in Vegas, where his bets are equally as high as the previously mentioned sports bets. 

Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, one of the most famous names in sports, is an American businessman who had an incredible career as a professional basketball player. As one of the most legendary basketball players ever, MJ has been surrounded by glamour and limelights his entire career as a basketball player. 

Apart from his apparent love for basketball and sports in general, MJ had another great passion. He loves the glitz and glam of casinos and he also loves betting at fast payout casinos similar to Michael Jordan used to be a regular guest at Atlantic City where he was rumored to have placed some insane bets. As a matter of fact, some sources say that he managed to lose $165,000 in one sitting. Still, he was an intelligent gambler and knew how to bounce back quickly. 

Some speculate that Michael Jordan still has a thing for high-stake bets and casinos, even in his retirement.

Charles Barkley

One of Michael Jordan’s close friends and a former professional basketball player, Charles Barkley, was yet another dominant basketball player of the ‘90s. He was an 11-time NBA All-Star, 1993 MVP, and 11-time member of the All-NBA Team. And just like his friend, Michel Jordan, Barkley had a thing for gambling. He even mentioned his passion for the game of chance in an ESPN interview. Charles Barkley said that he had spent more than $10 million on high stakes up to that point in life. 

There is even a rumor that he spent around $2.5 million in one sitting in a casino playing his favorite game – blackjack. Charles was seven a part of a casino scandal. Namely, he was sued by the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas for $400,000 worth of gambling debts. 

Wayne Rooney

This former English Premier League soccer player, who is currently the manager of the Championship club Derby County is in love with gambling. He even said that he managed to spend one million pounds before he even turned 25. This record goalscorer for the England national team, and Manchester United loves to play at Manchester casinos. Rumor has it that Wayne Rooney spent 65,000 pounds in two hours in one of his visits to a casino.

Sportsbetting, casinos, and sports stars seem to go hand in hand. And it is no wonder since their whole career is often boosted via sports wagers or even through casino sponsorships. And as some psychologists suggest, there are tons of similarities between playing sports and gambling – these sportsmen are just looking for the equally big thrill that can keep the adrenaline levels high.

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