Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields already dislikes the Green Bay Packers

With the Chicago Bears continuing Week 1 of OTA’s at Halas Hall, the team has decided to release the newest of their popular 1920 Football Drive series on Thursday night. The series made its debut last season, giving fans an inside look at the NFL draft plus some behind the scenes stuff on rookies and offseason activities for the team.

Episode 4 is officially live and it already has a few moments that have caught the eyes of Bears fans and one in particular.

During rookie minicamp, quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo is shown chatting with rookie quarterback Justin Fields as the players are warming up. DeFilippo then asks Fields who his starting center was in college at Ohio State and if he was drafted or not. Fields then offered the perfect response as that center, Josh Myers, was selected by the Green Bay Packers. Listen as Fields takes a dig at Chicago’s rival with the perfect answer:

It’s nice to see that Fields already understands the rivalry and although it was a dig, it was all in fun. Fields and Myers will still have a friendship despite playing for rivals but when the two teams meet at least twice a year, each one will be hoping that their side wins.

It’s early but it appears as if Fields has already won over the fan base, one that is starving to have a legit quarterback run the offense. For more on the Bears, please make sure to check out our Chicago Bears message board!

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