Jay Cutler’s Advice to Chicago Bears Quarterback Justin Fields: “Be Patient”

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler made an appearance on Barstool Sports’ Red Line Radio podcast on Thursday and between talking about his amicable exit from the Bears under then newly hired General Manager Ryan Pace and the mess the Bears lockerroom was under Marc Trestman, he had some advice for newly minted franchise savior Justin Fields.

“Just be patient. There are going to be some incredible ups and incredible downs, especially in that year one,” Cutler told the hosts. “Just be patient.  Be really patient, and hopefully the fans and the organization and everyone in Chicago is patient with him as well.”

Public perception of Cutler in Chicago has seemed to turn around since his leaving the franchise after the 2016 season.  Cutler left Chicago as the all-time passing leader in Bears history in every major category but his reputation among fans wasn’t the best due to his perceived lack of caring or emotion during his stint as Bears quarterback.  His post-retirement reality show exposure as well as the failings of the Bears to land a successor to him have likely helped cool fan’s opinions of him.

Can Justin Fields paired with Matt Nagy finally be the answer to the Bears quarterback search?  Cutler seems to think so.  “I think he(Nagy) is good.  I think he’s creative, I think he does a good job with the offense, I think he uses all his weapons.”

You can listen to the full interview with Smokin’ Jay here as he dishes on his team with the Bears and what he’s up to now.  For more on the Bears, make sure to check out our Bears forum!

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