The Big Red Bus Chicago Bulls Podcast – Episode 69 – The Sun of Bulls Horns

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Is there a clear path for the Bulls to build their roster and return to the playoffs in 2022? Well, there might be a couple of routes to achieve that result, and See Red Fred and Doug Thonus are here to talk about them on the latest Big Red Bus!

  • The Sun of Bulls Horns 2:15
  • Trade Everything for Lillard 6:00
  • Doug’s 2022 Plan 9:00
  • What if the 2022 Plan Implodes? 22:00
  • Nightmare Scenario 28:28
  • Bulls Trade w/ the Golden State Warriors Trade for Wiggins? 30:00
  • The 8 Worst Contracts in the NBA 40:40
  • Pick Up-Game at Lifetime Fitness with the Entire NBA
  • Doug’s Team vs Fred’s Team 48:00
  • Doug’s Health Update 57:0

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