Scottie Pippen dishes on his relationship with Michael Jordan

Fresh off a release for his new bourbon, Digits, Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is making the media rounds to talk about some big moments in his playing career. And while Pippen has stirred up the internet including comments on Kevin Durant, he also talked about his relationship with Michael Jordan in a recent GQ interview.

During the sit down with GQ, Pippen revealed that Jordan and himself never really had a relationship off of the court. And he pinpoints exactly why:

Pippen: Michael was bigger than the game, you know. Even my initial arrival to Chicago he was a big, iconic figure for the NBA (Pippen was drafted three years after Jordan). So, we never really had that off the court relationship.

The reasoning does make some sense and after watching the 10-part “The Last Dance” documentary in 2020, it’s easy to see why Pippen was upset with how he was portrayed in the series that was told through Jordan’s eyes.

However, Pippen did talk about their on-court chemistry and why the two were so damn good together for years in the Windy City.

Our relationship between the lines was impeccable. We pushed each other to be great. We trained with each other to be the best. So, everything we did, from a basketball standpoint, it was a high level of respect there that we knew we could be the best. We could be dominant. We had went through pretty much the Vietnam War to get where we got to. We were battle tested.

The entire interview with GQ is fantastic and gives us a little preview into Pippens’ memoir that is set to release later on in 2021. It’s clear that Pippen was really upset for how “The Last Dance” portrayed him, and now he’s ready to tell his side of the story through interviews and his new book.

And if his new book is anything like this interview, we are in for a real treat.

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