Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy knows his team has to put up points on offense this season

It may seem obvious that scoring more points is going to lead to success in the NFL, especially with how the league is trending in terms of offenses ruling supreme. But for the Chicago Bears, scoring points has been a struggle for what feels like a long time.

In the Matt Nagy era, Chicago has finished 10th (2018), 29th (2019), and 23rd (2020) in total points per game. Now, some of that is on the poor quarterback play and some of that is on coaching. But no matter what, the head coach knows that his offense has to deliver in 2021 no matter if it’s Justin Fields or Andy Dalton at quarterback.

“I think what we’ve put together— Ryan Pace has done such an amazing job of building the last three years— this roster that we have, we have a lot of depth,” Nagy said in a one-on-one interview with the Under Center Podcast. “And so now to be able to have the time to put together, we feel like we’re going to have a great opportunity offensively to to do what we need to do. The time is now, we know that and we’re looking forward to it.

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The Bears do have weapons on offense led by receivers Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney plus running back David Montgomery. They are also getting back Tarik Cohen who adds another wrinkle into their offense.

However, it’s probably going to come down to quarterback play once again.

With veteran Andy Dalton likely starting in Week 1, the Bears do have the option to go to the rookie Justin Fields whenever they want. Both quarterbacks will have the weapons on offense but the hope is that one emerges as a better player than what they have had over the past few years. Obviously, the Bears hope that Fields pans out in the long run and solves a decades old problem at the position but I don’t think fans would complain if Dalton came out playing well.

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One thought on “Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy knows his team has to put up points on offense this season

  • July 15, 2021 at 7:14 AM

    I think he better check his ego in at the door and instill a nasty mentality in the OLineman to get a solid dependable running game going….I don’t care if he runs the frickin T formation…better get it done. If not, he’s out and get one of those sharpie young up and comer offensive minds to coach. I still don’t want him calling plays. He’s too soft ….the team lacked a lot of discipline….you wouldn’t see those 2 stupid incidents with wims and Miller under Ditka, Parcells, Belichek etc. He needs to be more of an a– kicker.

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