With the release of Kyle Fuller during the 2021 offseason, the Bears will now be relying on Jaylon Johnson to be their new DB1. Johnson certainly seems to be up to the task.

In a recent interview on the Jim Rome show, the Bears’ second-year cornerback spoke about his former teammate Kyle Fuller, his new role on the team, and what motivates him to succeed. Johnson does not necessarily think the Bears wanted him to be the number one cornerback going into this season, but regardless of how things worked out with Fuller, he feels he is ready to step into that role for the team.

“He (Fuller) was a big-time player for the Bears for many years, and somebody I looked up to,” said Johnson on the Jim Rome show. “Now it’s just about taking everything he taught me and enhancing it and being consistent with my play like he was.”

When asked about what motivates him, Johnson responded that wanting to be the best at what he does is enough motivation. However, he also acknowledged other factors that motivate him such as his family, representing his hometown of Fresno, and changing kids’ lives around the world.

During the interview on the Jim Rome show. Johnson also spoke about money and how it can get to people’s heads. He remains focused on simply playing ball and staying mentally prepared for the season, rather than going out and spending money on fancy clothes.

“To me, it’s about not being greedy. The pre-game outfits will come later. I would rather look good during the game than before the game,” said Johnson.

Taking on the responsibility of DB1 for the team, the upcoming season will certainly offer plentiful opportunities for Johnson to look good on the field. Johnson will look to build on a successful rookie season where he had 40 tackles, 15 passes defended, and 1 tackle for loss.

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