With Carson Wentz being out for the foreseeable future and the Colts playoff hopes smashed, is it possible we might see a reunion of Colts Head Coach Frank Reich and his old quarterback from the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Foles?

The Chicago Bears currently have three quarterbacks on their roster: Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, and Nick Foles. Typically, as we’ve seen in recent seasons, the Bears have usually only kept two quarterbacks on their roster. By trading away Foles, the Bears would save $12M over the next two years, $9M guaranteed.

In return, the Bears could likely get a 6th or 7th round pick, if they’re lucky or if the Colts are desperate for a veteran quarterback.

The Bears are already looking to save money and create cap space and the Colts need a quarterback they can believe in. Someone Frank Reich already knows and trusts. A Foles trade to the Colts just makes sense.

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