It’s Hall of Fame Weekend in the NFL which officially kicks off the preseason as the league will induct their 2021 class into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the enshrinement ceremony on Saturday night. And while this is one of the best classes in recent years with Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson, it has a few wondering what we should expect for next year.

NFL analyst and Chicago Bears fan Adam Rank made his predictions for next year’s 2022 class naming his locks, near locks, and rounding out the class, he also mentions a player that “should be a lock but….you know” category which features a Bears legend: Devin Hester.

Rank makes the case for Hester to be voted in, a topic that has been discussed for a few years now:

The Hall of Fame voting committee should feel very fortunate right now. Because if I had a vote, nobody would be leaving that room until Hester was a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Nobody in this entire list of eligible players could match Devin’s ability to change a game with one play (sorry, Steve). Hester almost single-handedly won Super Bowl XLI for the Bears. He was the only player Colts coach Tony Dungy was worried about leading into that game. He inspired this epic rant from Dennis Green. I’m telling you, this should be a no-brainer. And again, if I had a vote — and only one vote — it’s going to Devin. But I trust the Hall of Famer voters as much as I trust any working director to make a good Superman movie. I hope that I’m wrong, though. Because he should be in.

Hester’s case will be an interesting one and frankly, he deserves to be in. He changed the game, literally as the league adjusted kickoff rules during his era of play.

The former Miami standout is arguably the greatest return man of all time and was electric every time he touched the ball. Just close your eyes and picture Hester standing back there with “Crank That” by Soulja Boy blasting over the Soldier Field speakers on a Sunday afternoon. It was pure excitement and he deserves to be honored.

But only time will tell.

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  1. Gale Sayers would be number one and Devin Hester 1A. And the Peckers had a good one in Travis Williams.

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