After an impressive preseason debut on Saturday against the Miami Dolphins that included two touchdowns, things are trending up for Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields. The rookie had a strong debut and it gave Bears fans more hope that he could be the starter for Week 1 in Los Angeles.

On Monday, head coach Matt Nagy reiterated that Andy Dalton was QB1 and that’s the plan for Week 1. But Nagy also dropped a hint that Fields could see more time with the first team, starting in practice and the game this Saturday against the Buffalo Bills:

“I think that that’s real. I think you need to look into that. You need to be able to see okay, not even so much to see that with his own players because he gets some of that in practice right now, he gets some of that. But also it would be good to see what he does versus the first team defense you know. So when you combine both of those together that’ again part of the evaluation process is you know, there’s zero scheming that’s gong on right now in these preseason games, zero. There’s nothing, there’s not a lot of tape watched, there’s plays that are called to see if people can win one-on-one, can they or can’t they? So that part, that’s that balance of trying to figure that out and we want to see the strengths of these players when they’re playing so yes, I’d say a little bit of that with his own players and then also who he’s playing against.”

Look, we shouldn’t rush into thinking that Fields will be QB1 come Week 1 because the Bears do appear to be sticking to their plan and are very comfortable with Dalton starting. However, things do change for for Fields right now, it’s up to him to force Nagy and the coaching staff’s hand by performing well in practices and the remaining preseason games.

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