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Chicago is one of the most visited cities in the United States. What attracts so many tourists there? Let’s try to find it out!

First of all, it has great architecture. People marvel at its sights, such as the Chicago Merchandise Mart, the John Hancock building, Marina City, the Buckingham Fountain, and many more. Also, the city has a perfect central location, unlike LA, NY or Boston. So no matter what part of the United States you are traveling from, your flight will be quick. 

Another great advantage of Chicago is a beach just in the city. If you like water and enjoy playing beach volleyball, you can have a great time in Chicago. What’s more, it won’t be a problem to find a nice company for your leisure activities as people in the city are great. In fact, they make this destination special. 

And last but not least, Chicago is famous for its sports culture. Sports fans from different parts of America go to Chicago to see their favorite teams and attend stadiums considered as national landmarks. The city has a special vibe whenever there’s a game. If you also want to feel this vibe, check the best sport-related entertainments offered below. 

1. Watch baseball

Chicago has two baseball teams known all around the world, such as the Chicago National League Ball Club, which is nicknamed the ‘Cubs’ and The Chicago White Sox. They are pretty old but still extremely successful. The first one began to play back in 1876, while the second one was formed in 1901. To watch a baseball match, you should go to Wrigley Field. This stadium has been loved by baseball fans for more than a century. It has a long history of memorable events and is known for its unique traditions and charming atmosphere. 

2. Visit a sports bar 

Chicago is famous for its sports bars. The fans of the Chicago White Sox can go to ChiSox Bar & Grill, which is a lively place to enjoy drinks and watch a game on TV. They are also welcomed at Cork & Kerry that hosts live music after every home game of the team. Those who love a modern environment with pizza and burgers should check Kroll’s South Loop. You can also watch sports and try various sorts of beer on the patio of The Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen. Tourists from Ireland who love Cubs often visit The Irish Oak, which is a pub that combines traditional Irish food and Cubs-themed decor. Another Irish-influenced gastropub is Casey Moran’s, this is a spacious and inviting place with a beautiful outdoor patio, a VIP lounge and green rooftop garden.

3. Try gambling

Gambling is another popular way to spend time in Chicago. There are a lot of big casinos and cute small cafes that provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. To enjoy gambling, you can go to the official Chicago poker club or to get a 100 free spins welcome bonus and have fun at a slots pub. Some of the nice places you should check are Big Top 2, Tailgator’s, Tracy’s and Olivia’s Place. Each of these spots has unique offers, so you should read online reviews to find out what exactly you can get there. Pick a destination that will perfectly meet your gambling expectations. 

4. Enroll in a golf course

Did you know that Chicago is a top golf destination? In fact, there are over two hundred golf courses to choose from in the downtown and city suburbs. They suit absolutely everyone, from beginners to experts. Chicago can boast of its historic Jackson Park Golf Course, lakefront Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course and award-winning Harborside International Golf Center that are located just in the center. However, if you want to spend time in the suburbs, you can attend Cog Hill Golf or Country Club. People that are not in a mood for playing can watch professional tournaments there. 

5. Play tennis

If golf, baseball and gambling are not for you, maybe you should play tennis in Chicago? There are both indoor and outdoor options in the city. Tennis enthusiasts can check different courts of the Chicago Park District that are located across the city. If you are looking for an indoor facility, then visit McFetridge Sports Center. No matter where you are playing a set or two, the most important thing is to enjoy the process itself. 

6. Final thoughts

No wonder why Chicago is such a popular tourist destination among people who love sports. This city has something to offer to everybody, whether you are a baseball fan or a gambler. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to spend a week or two in Chicago. 

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