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The Chicago Bears have their hands tied in terms of quarterbacks on the roster. With Andy Dalton being the starter and Justin Fields the backup, veteran Nick Foles will serve as QB3 and the scout team quarterback.

With the roster cut deadline looming, a new report suggests that the Bears are still shopping Foles but there is a big stipulation. Albert Breer wrote on the Foles’ situation in his latest MMQB column, citing that the Bears are listening to trade offers but there’s one thing holding it up…

The Bears will listen on Nick Foles, but I’ve also long gotten the sense they aren’t going to send him somewhere he doesn’t want to go.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to the Bears in training camp then you’ve probably heard this before. Foles had a long, spirited press conference a few weeks back where he made it a point that he wanted to be traded to a team he’s familiar with and even talked about Frank Reich and the Colts.

The problem is, there aren’t many options if the Bears are going to adhere by his demands instead of shipping him off somewhere else. The Bears are kinda stuck here and it would be shocking to see them move Foles at this point, making last year’s trade that much more tough to swallow.

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  1. Ryan pace can you please sign me up for about oh I don’t know let’s say 5 million per season I’ll just sit back and be quiet oh I don’t want to be traded thanks tell me where to sign.

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