Dennis Rodmans 48 Hours in Las Vegas to Become Movie featured img

A Dennis Rodman media tour blitz? Yes, please!  Chicago Bulls’ fans everywhere, as well as social media, would rejoice at the content created by this reality if the new rumors are true.  Everyone remembers the famous “48 hour” vacation Rodman took during the third episode of “The Last Dance”, but many of the details were glossed over, or not mentioned at all.  A new feature-length film may fill in those gaps and provide the details that the 2020 Michael Jordan documentary either would not or could not show.

The Vegas trip, one that turned from 48 hours into 96 hours, was a needed mental break for Rodman.  During the 1997-1998 season, with Scottie Pippen recovering from a controversially late surgery, Rodman took on extra pressure and responsibility alongside Jordan early in the season during the Bulls’ final championship run.  This added pressure eventually burned Rodman out and he asked for a “vacation” to go to Las Vegas.

Rodman taking vacations like this wasn’t uncommon, Steve Kerr has talked about them before.  What was different here is that Rodman was sent by himself to Las Vegas without someone like Steve Kerr or Jack Haley to look after him.  This likely led to the stories being more epic as well as the 48 window doubling in time.

In the end, the vacation had little effect on the Bulls’ championship run as they defeated the Jazz in the NBA Finals for their 6th championship in eight years.  It would be Rodman’s 5th and final NBA title in a career that would end up in the Hall of Fame.

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