NFL Draft analyst reveals why Teven Jenkins fell to the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears traded up twice in the 2021 NFL Draft to select quarterback Justin Fields and offensive tackle Teven Jenkins in the first two rounds, hoping to pair the duo together for the long-term on their offense. But while Fields has impressed in training camp and in the preseason, Jenkins has yet to practice and recently had back surgery landing him on IR.

The former Oklahoma State standout will have to wait to make an impact on the line and the Bears have had to turn to 39-year-old Jason Peters as a quick fix for the hole at left tackle. It’s still unknown exactly what happened with Jenkins, although many believe he had a setback, but he did have back injuries in college.

And NFL Draft analyst Matt Miller believes that teams passed on him because of that, leading to him falling to the second round:

That has lined up with multiple reports suggesting the same in terms of Jenkins falling in the draft. It’s no question that without the back injuries, Jenkins would likely be a first-round prospect in the draft. The Bears even admitted he would have been a target if they stayed at No. 20 in the draft, rather than trade up for Fields.

Jenkins’ career isn’t over, but it sounds like Ryan Pace took another gamble on a player that had injury concerns. Let’s just hope it works out this time as well.

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One thought on “NFL Draft analyst reveals why Teven Jenkins fell to the Chicago Bears

  • September 3, 2021 at 2:51 PM

    I’m tired of everyone being so scared of the Rams. Last time I checked Darnell is Jalen’s Father Figure! The interior of our line is nothing to sneeze at and we have Jason Peters and Ofedi will hopefully be ready. Last but least is good old Mathew Stafford a rich man’s Ryan Leaf. I don’t know what everyone is so afraid of our Defense is just as good their O-Line is better but we’re better everywhere else once they bench the red “stifle”. Justin comes out 2nd half wins 3 of next 4 games they won’t get past the Browns ends season 12-5 wildcard birth. If the line holds they have a serious chance at taking it all.

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