Kyle Brandt Says Chicago Bears are Messing Up by Not Playing Justin Fields featured img

The hits just keep on coming from the national media after the Chicago Bears stagnant 34-14 opening weekend loss to the Rams on Sunday night.  Not only did Andy Dalton look subpar but Bears fans everywhere were expecting to see dynamic rookie quarterback Justin Fields a lot more than they did.  Fields played sparingly for a sputtering Bears offense and threw two passes, connecting on both, for 10 yards. He also ran one time for three yards and scored a touchdown.  Not exactly a large sample size, but Dalton’s lack of solid play has led many around Chicago, as well people like Kyle Brandt of NFL Network, to call for Fields to play.

Brandt addresses the main factor in Fields not playing; people wanting to bring him along slowly like Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and others were.  Brandt does an excellent job pointing out the counter-argument to that mindset with players like Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, DeShaun Watson, and Justin Herbert.  There’s plenty of data on both sides to support each argument but the end all be all of the argument is that if Fields is ready to play, he should be playing.  This Bears team appears to be going nowhere fast and Brandt, as well as many others, feel that Fields not only may give the Bears the best chance to win but it would also be advantageous to get his growing pains out of the way now in 2021 than have to possibly deal with them in 2022.

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