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The Chicago Bears make their coordinators available each Wednesday to talk to the media and break things down from the previous games. It’s valuable to hear from the coordinators in terms of what they can offer on where this team stands. But on Wednesday, when offensive coordinator Bill Lazor met the media he hinted that he knows that rookie quarterback Justin Fields is ready to play.

Lazor was asked about Fields being able to handle a full series instead of just a few plays here and there like he did in the Week 1 loss to the Rams. His answer was an interesting one:

“I would have said after the preseason that he’s moving quickly and ready for whatever’s thrown at him,” Lazor said. “So I don’t think anything’s changed.”

Hold on.

If he’s ready for “whatever’s thrown at him” and has been since the preseason, then why isn’t he playing? There’s absolutely no reason for him not to be playing if he’s that ready to go. But there’s more!

The follow up question to that was exactly that. If he’s ready, why not play him now? And Lazor went back to Matt Nagy’s plan:

“I think Matt has probably addressed what his philosophy is on the quarterback position,” Lazor said. “I don’t think that’s any different. I don’t think there’s any reason for me to answer that.”

Alright then! Look, speculation can be tricky but this sure as heck sounds like an offensive coordinator that knows Fields is ready to play and makes this offense better, at least from what he’s seen. So why not throw him in?

It’s the question we keep asking and will have to keep waiting for.

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