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Betting on the Super Bowl is almost as popular as watching the game itself. The gambling side of sport might seem difficult, but if you keep your bets low and follow the fun, you’ll see just how easy it is.

If you want an extra hand in figuring out who to bet for, look at Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds for inspiration. 

Single-Game Bets

Single-game bets are the easiest to understand. In these bets, you pick which out of the two teams will win. You will notice that the terms “Spread,” “Moneyline,” and “Total” appear next to the teams; we will go into that now.

Betting Against The Spread

Betting against the spread evens out the game. It means that the favored team has to win, but they also have to win by a specific amount of points. 

The idea is that no Super Bowl game is evenly balanced, so to keep the game feeling fresh, the obvious winners have to push that much further to get to your target.

For example, the New York Giants are playing the Dallas Cowboys, and you notice that the Cowboys have -5 next to the term “spread.” This means that you will win the bet if the Cowboys still win the game after you take 5 points off their end score.

If the game ends with 40 – 20 with the Cowboys winning, you take off 5, creating 35 – 20. This means you won the spread against the Cowboys. If the game was 22 – 20, you take off 5, making 17 – 20. The Cowboys are no longer winning, and so now you lose.

Betting the Moneyline

The Moneyline is less popular than the spread, but it is an easier bet to make. Like with a regular bet, you simply pick the team that you think will win. 

All Moneyline bets are for $100. It’s a flat rate, and so the numbers next to the teams tell you how much you win after placing your bet.

If the New York Giants had +150 next to their name, it means they’re the underdogs. You need to bet $100 to play, and if they win, you get $150. You put in $100, and you get $250 back. 

If the Dallas Cowboys have -200 next to their name, it means they are the favorite to win. Instead of betting $100, you will receive $100 when they win. You have to place $200 to be part of the bet. You put in $200 and receive $300 back.

Betting Under Or Over

This type of betting means you don’t care about the teams; instead, you focus on the scores.

You place a bet saying the game won’t score over 50 points and win or lose depending on the outcome. Some betting places use “o” and “u” to make their apps simpler. 

Multiple Game Bets

When you feel more confident, you can enter into multiple game bets, including Parlays and Teasers. You basically do the same as before, but with multiple games in mind. You are more likely to lose these bets because there is so much at play, but if you win, you win big!


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