NFL analyst Chris Simms was under fire ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft for his criticism on rookie quarterback Justin Fields. He ranked Fields as the fifth-best quarterback in this draft behind Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones and Trey Lance, mocking him to go Tampa Bay at No. 32 overall. Then ahead of the start of the season, Simms had Fields as his 39th-ranked QB in all of football.

But now he’s changing his tune and admitting he was wrong about Fields.

On the latest episode of Chris Simms Unbuttoned, Simms admitted that he was totally wrong about Fields and owned up to it, which we have to give him credit for:

“I’m already feeling as far as all the quarterbacks in my rankings that I’m the most wrong about him (Fields),” Simms said. “I know I made him 5-6 to begin with and that’s the one I’m looking at.”

“To me he’s light years ahead of Trey Lance right now,” Simms said. “He’s not as raw. He knows how to play the position a little bit more rather than just being a great athlete who plays the position.

“And that’s what I like from him and of course he knows how to handle himself and do everything else the right way, too.”

Fields hasn’t been a star just yet but it’s only four games and he has made some progress since the Week 3 debacle in Cleveland. There’s a long ways to go for Fields this season and his development is the most important thing for the Bears.

But it’s hard to not feel confident about his future here.

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