The 2021 NFL season is well underway, with teams fighting for wins across the US. Following a summer following the trades and transfers, football fans can now get back to what they love – watching matches in person at the stadium or live on television. Many took advantage of the relaxation of rules regarding online gambling in several states, making their predictions at NFL betting sites on which teams will make the playoffs, win their conferences and go on to make history by lifting the Super Bowl. 

The leading sportsbooks took a record number of wagers on this NFL season and continue to offer odds on the winners and losers. Bettors can gamble on the outright champions or any match from the season. Each fixture has dozens of markets attached, including moneyline, spreads, handicaps, totals and more. There’s a bet designed to suit every type of football fanatic and help spice up the play in any match.

Making a prediction on the NFL is easier than ever but making a correct prediction is as difficult as it has ever been. A competitive campaign awaits, and a strong case could be made for up to five teams going all the way to lift the trophy. Which team will join the illustrious club of Super Bowl winners in February?

That remains to be seen, but traders at the most popular bookies believe they know and aren’t about to keep it a secret. They’ve made their feelings clear, inviting followers to agree or disagree, putting their stake money on the table and backing their call.

Bucs and Bills to battle it out

If traders prove to be correct with their predictions, we could have a two-horse race for the Super Bowl this season between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills. Both dominate the outright market and have sat in pole position since bookmakers across the world first opened their book on the season betting. Any other result than a win for the Bucks or the Bills would rate as a huge upset. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen, of course.

Traders aren’t always right on the money with their picks, and one of the main reasons why football and the NFL is such a global phenomenon is because it’s exciting, dramatic and difficult to predict. The history books are littered with upsets and surprise results, favourites beaten in the final match and underdogs baring their teeth. Will we see another shock?

It’s possible, but it is easy to see why bookies have stuck with the Bucks and Bills. On paper, they are the two most talented squads in the competition, boasting the best players, top coaches and loyal support. There are many hours of competitive football ahead of us, but it’s difficult to build a strong case against the oddsmakers here, and they appear to have covered themselves by selecting two quality sides.

Tampa Bay and Buffalo share the same betting odds at present, which means that although the sportsbooks are confident one of these teams will be Super Bowl 2022 champions, they aren’t yet sure which one. That indecision will catch the attention of value hunters, sports bettors that love to seize on any gaps in the market and grab the value.

Solid starts for both teams

At present, the Buffalo Bills are looking every inch a contender for the crown. They top the AFC East after five games played with four wins and a defeat, scoring 172 points and conceding 64. That effort is matched by fellow favourites Tampa, who also have four wins and one loss, racing into pole position in the NFC South, scoring 167 points but conceding 122 points. The latter is an alarming poor defensive record and is something Bucks fans, and the coaching staff will be determined to see improve. 

If the winner of next year’s Super Bowl doesn’t come from Tampa or Buffalo, which region will provide us with a champion in the height of winter? The betting can’t see past their two picks but have been forced to admit the Kansas City Chiefs can’t be written off. Chiefs have suffered a mixed bag of results, winning two and losing three of their first five but pundits predict better times are coming.

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