It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears have been on the wrong side of the rivalry with Green Bay since 1990’s. The Packers have dominated the rivalry with strong quarterback play from Brett Favre and then Aaron Rodgers.

To make it simple, they have owned the Bears with dominant quarterback play while Chicago has gone through dozens of quarterbacks in that span.

But things could be quickly changing and even with the Bears losing to Green Bay in Week 6, the past week or so has been solid for the Bears. With the drama of Aaron Rodgers plus Jordan Love  struggling against Kansas City, and then Justin Fields looking really good in a loss to Pittsburgh, it was a pretty good week.

With Chicago on their bye, Fields joined the Parkins and Spiegel Show on 670 The Score to talk about his partnership with Dunkin’ to benefit Lurie Children’s Hospital as well as his rookie season. In the interview, he made a pretty bold prediction for the future of the rivalry with Green Bay:

Alright, look.. this is going to be remembered and it’s going to come off as cocky to some and confident to others. But I like it, I like that he’s not afraid to make a prediction like that. The only thing we hope is that it comes true and finally Bears fans are back on the right side of that rivalry rather than having to sit here and watch Green Bay have Hall of Fame quarterbacks and dominating.

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